Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back from exercising.  Yuck.  I now ache more than I did before I went.  At least I expect to ache more now, it is no longer a shock to the system.  It's kinda rainy out today.  Not very nice weather for today and it is suppose to be like this again tomorrow.  Oh well, sunshine brings heat and it is (temperature wise) nice out, not too hot or cold.  Not much happening here today, I have two students, my boys!  I like teaching them because they are both self motivating so they are easy lessons.  Both are out of school now for the summer and are very happy about that.  Not that I blame them, I used to love summer vacation too.

We are going to go and visit Kathy in a few weeks I think.  that will be fun.

Have a great afternoon.

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