Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad pain day today, achy all over.  Not sure why.  I did go to exercise but I only did about 1/2 of what I usually do.  Even my jaw is achy.  I think I will be going to bed early tonight for sure.  I didn't do any writing today.  I meant to, but I just am not feeling up enough to do it.

I spoke to Richard yesterday.  As usual, it was all about the lawsuit for the store.  If only they would have accepted the shortsale last summer, none of this would be happening.  They also would have gotten about $100,000 more for the building then what they got.  Stupid it of them in my opinion.  we sent in our compromise and now they want copies of our last 2 year taxes.  Will this ever end?  I hope so soon, I am so tired of talking about it to my brother.  I would like to speak with him on other subjects, but it is all that is on his mind I guess.

I didn't go for a scooter/walk today, we just ran out of time.  Hopefully if it isn't raining tomorrow, we will go tomorrow.

Have a great evening.

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