Sunday, June 21, 2009

We just got back from exercising.  I actually dislike exercising and only go because I have to.  I know that I feel a bit better if I go.  Not right after, but it does help keep me limber which is why I go.  I am sore after going every time, but I have discovered that if I take a pain pill before I go, it helps a lot.  I was able to do all the machines I usually do and one new one.  It is getting hot out.  I like spring and fall best.  Winter is too cold and Summer is too hot.  I can't win at this weather thing.  We are probably done with the scooter/walks for the summer.  Mom can't handle the heat well either.  She gets overheated really easy.  

Today is Father's Day.  Usually Mom and I go to a movie and dinner to celebrate her Father's Day, but we went on Friday so we could exercise today.  I think we will go out to dinner again today though, it's not like she will remember that we already went.  I think she will like that. 

Pain level is normal for today (well, normal for me, which is medium high).  My arm is not burning today badly, it is more of a dull roar burn instead of the really burning feel.  I am happy about that.  Today is a pretty good day.

Time to watch a movie with Mom!  Have a great day!

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  1. Happy "Father's" Day to your mom! Hope you guys had a good day!