Sunday, June 14, 2009

A quiet day today.  We went for a scooter/walk to Tim Horton's.  I know I said we would only be going twice a month, and yet we have gone three times since I said that.  We will be cutting down, it's just such a habit.  I will break it though.  We really can't afford to go everyday.  Twice a month will be plenty.  

We went to Verizon to lower our minutes, I was thinking that we don't go anywhere near how many minutes we get.  Boy, am I glad we went.  Apparently, the higher bills we have had is because we have gone over our minutes, we ended up adding 300 minutes.  What a shock.  I also discovered that I have Internet and insurance on the phone, yeah, they're gone now.  Good thing we went.

I am having an okay pain day, not too bad.  My arm is still giving me some hassles, but other than that, not too bad.  We didn't go and exercise today.  We will go on Tuesday even if I have a bad arm.  I have to get back into it.  Can't skip too many days/weeks in a row.  Besides, Mom likes to go.  I'll go even if she is the only one exercising.  It makes her feel good.

It is very pretty and nice today.  I hope everyone has enjoyed it.

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