Saturday, June 13, 2009

We had book club today!  yeah!  It was fun.  We read the Heretic's Daughter this month about the Salem witch trials.  Next month's book is about the same subject by another new author.  Only Katie and Maggie were here though, Jessie and Katie weren't.  I will have to tell them what to read next month and when it is.  Aggie was absent too, she had her birthday party today!  Her birthday was late last month.

Mom is shredding paper.  She keeps asking me if I want the paper, I keep saying, Nope I don't want it.  It is getting kinda annoying.  The whole pile is garbage.  It isn't her fault she can't remember that, but it is still annoying.  We have so much paper around it is unbelievable.  I keep meaning to get rid of it.  Maybe tomorrow!

It kept looking like rain today, so we didn't go for a scooter/walk.  I wanted to but the weather looked bad so we went out to dinner instead.  Red Lobster, yummy!  We have enough left overs for tomorrow nights dinner too.

My hands ache today so this is all for now.  I hope everyone has a great night.

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