Sunday, June 28, 2009

We went to see Imagine That movie today.  Was it ever good!  I laughed a lot through out the movie.  Mom, I think, was awake for the whole movie (she falls asleep easily if she isn't moving).  I remember having imaginary friends and trying to get my brothers to talk to them.  I am glad we finally got power.  After the big, huge storm on Thursday we were without power til about 10pm on Friday.  We went and saw Transformers 2 yesterday.  Not that good of a movie.  Imagine That was soooooooo much better.  There were several inappropriate scenes that children just don't need to see.  One was the two dogs humping, we got to see that twice, and the other with the mom high on marijuana brownies. Yeah, really added to the movie.  So keep those scenes in mind if you have small children.  

Today is actually a beautiful summer day, not too hot, not too cold, just right.  I think we might take a stroll! (okay - I will scooter, Mom will stroll)  Well, I can't think of anything else to say, so have a great night!

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