Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today started off with a scary moment.  Mom was lost, only I didn't know it because I was sleeping when she left.  Yeah, she left the house went to the top of the street and didn't know where to go.  Fortunately, a neighbor was outside and noticed that Mom was upset so she brought Mom home.  Mom left the door open and called up to me, so this is what I woke up too.  A lost Mom (well, she was found by then)so scary.  I have asked her not to go out without me.  Oh yeah, she was in her pajamas at the time.  The neighbor made sure I was home before she left.  Thank God for good neighbors like that.  I can only imagine what would have happened if I woke up and she was gone.  I don't know what to do with this.  It is very scary that is all I know.

We did go and exercise today, but my brain wasn't on it.  All I could think of was what if I lost Mom today and someone not so nice picked her up?  She was extra tired to because she didn't want to do as much as she usually does.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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