Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mom isn't feeling well right now.  She is having chest pains, I think it is gas, that's what they told us last time at the hospital or it could be the prolapse valve, that pains her every so often.  I will be watching her like a hawk tonight.  Poor Mom, me on her tail all night.  This happened in March too.  That time we went to the hospital and she was there for 3 days, and not very happy about it either.  She is not a good patient, not at all.  By the time we got her home she was so confused about everything.  She forgot where her room was.  I don't relish going through that again.  Hopefully we won't.

On the up side, it was nice out today.  We were going to go scooter to Tim Horton's but we had to go to the bank and a few other places too, so we drove.  I had one student today, Katie, she is so cute.  She's 16 and a good singer who works very hard.  No students tomorrow though.  We will passing out flyers to our neighbors.  Only 6 students needed.  That's all!  That isn't asking for too much is it?

My arm isn't so bad today.  I did walk up earlier than normal because it was burning again, that and my right leg.  It didn't matter where I lay, something burned, right leg, left arm.  What can I say, the joys of Fibromyalgia and arthritis.  

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