Friday, June 12, 2009

What a beautiful day!  it was soooo nice outside today.  We scootered/walked as we passed out some teaching flyers.  Funny thing though, it seems I forgot to put my NAME on the flyer.  I added it in pen.  Silly me!  What fibro fog day did I do that?  I can't remember when I made the flyers.  Tomorrow is going to be a great busy day for me as it is BOOK CLUB!  I love book club.  it is so much fun, we talk about books, and then digress, and then the book again, then we digress again.  It is just a fun time.  I hope to hear from the families whose house I passed the flyers out too.  We will do another neighborhood next week on Monday.  School is out around here now so it is prime time to pass them out!  Mom is having a good day too.  I have cut back on her medicine and completely dropped her patch and there is NO difference.  So basically, she is calmer and less agitated without the medicine and patch.  From what I observe, she is pretty steady right now.  She knows she has a memory problem, which is good, I just don't tell her how bad it is going to be.  She would get so upset over that.  Right now, she is alright, she enjoys things even if she doesn't remember later what we did.  We may see a movie this weekend.

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