Monday, June 22, 2009

Not much happening today.  I taught one lesson which is always a blast.  He bought a new book with a cool new song in it.  It is so nice when they find things they want to play.  I enjoy picking out music for my students but it is also neat to see what they are listening too.  We are going for a scooter/walk tonight.  It is not as hot as its gonna be so I want to get in as many as I can before it is too hot.  Mom simply melts in the heat.  It isn't pretty.  Poor Mom.  Tomorrow is exercising day, ugh.  We had to turn on the a/c yesterday evening, it was very hot upstairs and Mom was melting.  I don't think the blower is working right, but it is working enough so I am not calling anyone to get it fixed.  We really can't afford it.  I hope it lasts through out the summer.  We shall see.

April sent in her questionnaire!  I am very excited about that.  I will add her comments into my story.  It really can't be called a book yet, as there are only about 4 pages to it right now.  I will work on that tomorrow too.

Well, off to the scooter/walk!  Have a great evening.

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