Monday, September 30, 2013

The last day of September 9-30

Maisy and I are sitting here in the dining room relaxing or we were until a few minutes ago when she went to see Bill and Will at the door, then she went downstairs to see Heather BT.  She is still barking.  Goofy dog but I do love her so much.  She has finally stopped barking at Will.  He is visiting us so she doesn't know him very well yet.  Maisy is doing better with him.  When he first arrived a week ago, she barked whenever he came near her.  I will say that there is never a dull moment in the house around here.

I forgot to take my medicine first thing today so I am really feeling the effects of it now.  I am shaky, I ache everywhere, and I am lightheaded.  I took them at dinner time, which was around 7 for this evening.  Yup, not a smart move on my part.  Ugh, I ache so much right now from not having pain medicine all day.  I also didn't have my anxiety medicine either until dinner so I am feeling very anxious tonight too.  I will be back on track tomorrow.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day to start all over with.  You can go to bed from a bad day and wake up with a new day to be a good day.  That is my hope for tomorrow at least.

I had my lovely Muglia girls today!!!!  Yes, my beautiful Sarah and Hannah!  They have both picked their Christmas songs although Sarah would like to switch to something from the Nutcracker.  Hannah is playing 2 small pieces from the Nutcracker so I think the 3rd piece that Hannah isn't playing will work for Sarah.  She no longer wants to play Jingle Bell Rock.  That is fine.  She is the one who has to perform, not me so I want her to play something that she loves.  Both girls are doing so well on piano.  Hannah is finished with the Chopin Prelude that she was working on and is now working on a Waltz.  She is still working on a piece out of the Baroque and Classical book though as it is much longer than the Prelude.  Hannah is really playing the piece well.  Sarah learned a new hand position today.  She knows her notes so well now.  I am really pleased with how she is playing.  I think Hannah and her other sisters better watch out for Sarah!  She is really coming along with the piano and will be catching up to them in no time.  Natalie and Lydia are not taking lessons right now and that is okay.  It is up to them if they want to be in the concert or not.  If they do, they can, if they don't, they don't have to.  I don't want to push them into it.  I just love to hear them play, that is all.  So far, all but Natalie and Lydia have their songs picked.  My 3 that need 2 songs each (one for piano and one for voice) have chosen both of them.  I will be spending the next week pulling the rest of the music out for the students and passing it out.  I will also ask Bill to sign us up for the concert at his church.  That is where we have them.  It is a beautiful venue and they are so very nice there.

Tomorrow I am taking the last of the string instruments to be sold.  I am selling 2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello.  I am hoping that I will get a bit for them.  I don't expect too much, but something.  I have a figure in mind.  I checked on eBay to see how much they are selling for and that is what I am asking.  I know he gets a lot of his instruments from eBay so that is why I researched it.  This way I know about what I should get for them.  It will be a relief for them to be gone.  I am also thinking of adding the guitar that was mom's.  I have no need of it and truly, I am not going to learn how to play it.  I will decide that tomorrow.  I just don't know tonight.  I plan to be at the store by 1 pm so that I will be back in time for my lessons tomorrow.  Tomorrow is my big day with lessons.  I teach until about 7:30.  I do have some breaks in there but I do have more lessons on that day than any other day.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my busiest days but other than those two, every other day is okay and much lighter.

Acer was teaching me how to make orange juice tonight and how to prep yams to cook.  I have never made orange juice before because I always bought it in a carton.  Mom used to make it out of a can, but not me.  I also do know how to clean yams, same as potatoes, but he was so serious that I just watched and helped.  He is very serious about me learning how to do some of this for in the future when he and Calli are not here to help with the cooking.  Both kids no that I don't cook very much and well, I am not that great at it either.  I can microwave pretty well, but that is about it.  I do make a mean cup of tea that is for sure but a gourmet meal?  Not so much.  I can follow a recipe and have things come out pretty well and I do cook with the crock pot well too.  It is just Acer and Calli really want me to learn how to cook very well so when they are grown up and gone, I will not starve.

Well, I got the written results from the hospital about the CT scan.  I just need a doctor to interpret it.  Basically, it hasn't grown so that is good news.  What they will do about the clear cells that are on the kidney, I do not know but I hope it isn't anything major.  I have a lot of pain in that area.  I have lost weight and I have no appetite as well as swelling in the legs and ankles.  All are symptoms of cancer.  yes, I could be totally interpreting this ALL wrong, I know, but these are the things that flow through my mind.  I have the appointment next week so I will know next week but I am worried because of the clear cells that are there.

On to watching Castle then to bed.  I am tired since I didn't take my medicine properly today.  I will do better tomorrow.

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