Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The costume is finished and with the student.  She was here for the final fittings (the elastic for the top) and took the costume home with her.  There is some question on when the play will now be as something has come up for the original date.  If they have it on the date they want, she will not be able to attend.  I hope she gets to be in it.

I have the turkey breast in the fridge thawing ready for tomorrow.  We are having Tillie over for dinner.  I am cooking it.  Mom will help.  My right side lower back has been acting up again, I can hardly walk and can't straighten up very well.  I hope it clears up tomorrow or it shall be interesting.  We shall see.

Mom is dozing next to me in the dining room.  Our TV sits on our kitchen counter because the downstairs is so cold that we don't use it much.  It is just too cold for Mom.  She has been up a lot today instead of her usual dozing.  I hope this translates to a better night sleep for her.  I am very tired because I got up earlier than usual today.  I am trying to get up by 10:30 in the morning now because Mom is up by herself just too long in the morning and she gets a bit confused and I don't want her going outside like she did yesterday while I was sleeping.  Fortunately, our neighbors found her outside the house and brought her in and woke me up.  This is the third time she has done this.  She does this after 11 am when I sleep in later than that so I am getting up earlier so she doesn't have the chance to do it again.  She stayed upstairs most of the time this morning.  I was pleased about that.  Since tomorrow is a holiday, I will be getting up earlier than usual to make the dinner.

Kathy will be in town this weekend for the holiday.  I get her on Saturday after I am done teaching.  I have two lessons for the day, as usual.  I am excited to see her.  We are planning to go and see New Moon.  I can't wait to see it.  It looks so good and I loved the book.  I hope it stays close to the book, I don't like it when movies go too far away from the books they are from.  The one exception was the princess diaries which I didn't really like the books at all.  I thought they were not as good as the movies.  I loved the movies.  They are some of Mom's favorite movies too.

This past year has been a better year than 2008, but I am looking forward to 2010.  I don't know what the future will be, but I am hopeful it will be bright and hopeful and better than this year.  I don't really miss the store too much anymore.  I pretty much have gotten over the fact we lost it.  I try not to dwell on that anymore.  I am hoping to have a few more students in the new year.  I spoke to a young woman yesterday at the little cafe we go to often about piano lessons.  She asked for my name and number, so I am hoping she calls.

I hope this finds you well and ready to enjoy Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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