Monday, November 2, 2009

We had a good day today.  I had 4 students.  Three Muglia's and Grace.  Peter decided he doesn't want to play clarinet anymore so he is finished with lessons for now.  The three older girls love piano and aren't planning to quit.  I will at least get to see Peter when I go for sewing, so I won't be deprived of my Peter.  He is a good kid.  The four girls picked out their Christmas music during their lessons.  The Muglia girls each gave me a Reese's peanut butter cup.  So I had three.  I love those!!!!  Definitely my favorite candy.  Not that I need candy, I need to lose weight, not gain it.  Speaking of that, I am starting to think that maybe bariatric surgery might be a good idea.  We shall see.  Depends on so many factors.

I had to get a new wheel for my car and two new tires.  ugh.  So expensive.  Tires that came with the car didn't last all that long, only 39,000 miles or so.  I should think I should have gotten more out of them, but I didn't.  At least these tires weren't bald like the front two were.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!  (a reminder for my American friends.)

Pain is high today.  My knee decided to be dumb and hurt while we were waiting for the tires and wheel.  It still hurts now.  My arm and shoulder aren't so bad, just the knee.  

Okay, putting laundry in the washing machine is very painful on the knee and the hips.  I hate fibromyalgia and arthritis!  I know many of you know what that is like.  I think I will ask Mom to put the stuff in the dryer.  I will turn it on, but she can put it in.  She said she would.  thank God for Mom and her help.  Even with her Alzheimer's she can still do so much.

I hope you are having a great day!  Happy November 2!

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