Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mom had her test this afternoon.  She had no problem swallowing whatever it is they gave her.  So, we are back at the beginning.  This week she hasn't had too much problem.  Maybe it was a phase, I don't know.  So at least there isn't a problem, that is a good thing, I guess.  I hope she doesn't get a problem.  

I did get a call from the doctor's office last night.  Apparently, the knee is swollen (I knew that) and lots of arthritis.  Ugh.  It isn't as bad as yesterday, thank God for that.  My shoulder and arm are a bit sore today.  I didn't do anything to them this time.  

Not much else going on.  Frank and Bob had their lessons this afternoon.  Both are working on their Christmas music for the concert.  I found my favorite Christmas book that I thought was missing, and I still have one left.  I was so happy about that.  I thought both copies were gone, but they aren't!  Yeah!  Most every student has their Christmas music now.  The rest will get them this weekend when they have their lessons.

I hope you are having a great day!


  1. Glad to hear Mom's throat isn't restricted. Something else I remembered about my Mom is that she would forget to eat. If you put something in her hand and say "take a bite" she would.

    As far as your knee..sounds like Advil and propping it up huh?

    Can you share your favorite Christmas music book? My grandsons love music. The older one plays the guitar, trumpet and plays the piano because he is good at reading notes and can figure it out. The youngest takes piano lessons and plays the trumpet a little.

    Hope your day goes well.

  2. I love the Ultimate Christmas Book, it has tons of music in it and so many great choices. It's great that your grandchildren are into music.