Sunday, November 22, 2009

The shampoo disappeared in our house somewhere, magically, somehow between Friday and today.  I know Mom moved it, but I don't know where.  She has been randomly taking things out of the back room and putting them in my room.  I just empty my room afterward.  I had to use some other shampoo that doesn't work as well on my hair.  Oh well, I hope to find it by tomorrow or so.  It was very expensive so I won't be buying it again any time soon.  Sometimes the little things she does can be frustrating, but I can't really complain to her because she doesn't know she does this stuff at times.  She forgets after she does it.  Considering what could be happening, I will take this, but I will try have more patience with all of this.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, Tillie is coming over.  I am actually going to cook the turkey breast!  Shocking, I know.  I was going to order our dinner and then just finish heating it, but when I added up how much it would cost to have what we would like, it was a lot of money.  I mean a lot of money, so I went to Walmart and bought our dinner.  I bought pre-made mashed potatoes because while I can cook the potatoes, mashing them would be too difficult.  The rest of the stuff will be a piece of cake (or pie! Tis the season!)  The hardest thing will be cleaning out the microwave, I don't want Tillie to see how bad it really is.  So Mom and I are going to clean it on Wednesday afternoon.  

I have managed to keep the dining room pretty clean and emptied of newspapers and magazines and junk mail since Tillie and I cleaned it last Sunday.  I will do a sweep of it on Wednesday afternoon to make sure the dining room is just so for Tillie on Thursday.  I want everything to look nice for our holiday.  I know Tillie wouldn't care what it looks like, but I do.

Speaking of holidays, we may see my brother on the Christmas holidays, if I get my back disability by then.  I have been waiting for months.  I am hoping we will be going to my older brother's for New Year's because we are going to Tillie's on Christmas Day.  It should be a fun holiday.  I haven't seen my older brother in over a year, and my younger brother in about 3 years.  We shall see who we see at Christmas.  It would be a good time for them to spend time with Mom as she is doing mostly well right now.

I am almost done with Lily's costume.  I have to do a few adjustments, and the hems then I am done.  I am glad.  She will have her whole costume then.

I hope this finds you doing well!

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