Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My knee is so sore today.  it is excruciating.  I haven't felt this much pain since the blood clot a few years ago.  I am waiting to hear from the doctors office to tell me what the xray says.  I don't think they will find anything.  It has got to be fibromyalgia because it comes and goes.  If it was something else, it would stay.

I managed to jam my arm with a door again (yes, the sore one, of course.)  Mom is doing alright today.  She has her swallowing test tomorrow.  She so doesn't want to go, but I am making her.  I am tired of her not being able to swallow food and you never know which ones she won't be able to swallow.

Hmm, probably won't hear anything until tomorrow, it is now past 6 pm and the office closes at 6 pm.  I don't want to wait another day!  Guess I have to.  I could go upstairs right now (well, if I could go up the stairs) and go straight to sleep.  I am so so so so so so tired again today.  It has to be the extra pain in my knee.

I hope you are doing alright and not freezing to much!  It is getting rather cold outside!  Bundle up!

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