Monday, November 30, 2009

It is Monday!  The last day of November.  This month really flew by, I don't know how, but it did.  Time is no longer crawling along (Thank God for that!!!)  I have had one student and have two more later.  Tomorrow is a new student.  He is a scholarship student that I used to have, so I guess it is actually a student coming back rather than a new student.  He is a good kid.  Both his parents are out of work, and really, I would rather teach a lesson than not.  I have other kids on scholarships due to these tough economic times so why not him?  That's what I said!  He should.  He sounds excited about it.  I will be giving him Christmas music, he will have 17 days to learn his Christmas songs for the concert.  He can do it, I know he can.

I remembered to send in my Michigan Music Association dues on time this year.  Last year I didn't, but not because I forgot, I just didn't have the money until February.  This year one of the parents offered to help with it, but I could do the dues myself.  I was thankful they offered, but I didn't need the help.

New Moon was really good, I thoroughly enjoyed it, so did Kathy.  I not only got her for a movie, but for dinner too!  I was soooooo happy about that!  I miss her when she isn't around, and since she lives so far away, I don't get her as long as I would like.  I have thought about moving closer to her, but my luck she would be moving right after I moved, so I will stay here.  I will see her at Christmas too so I am glad.  Mom liked the movie too.  She got a little agitated at the restaurant and I wanted to yell at her, but I didn't.  I know it isn't her fault she gets like that, but sometimes it is irritating when she does.  She did better Sunday and today she is doing well.

I added a sign on the door that tells her I am upstairs so she knows where I am in the morning.  It seems to help some.  As long as she doesn't go out the door!  

Anyways, my wonderful student should be here any minute!  I hope you are having a great day like me!

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