Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday, again? 6-22

I can't believe it is Friday again.  Wow, already?  It did help that I totally slept most of yesterday and last night.  I had my scope at 9 am yesterday.  My friend, Heather B-T's mom drove me home and then she picked up her mom from my house.  I am very thankful for the help since I was not allowed to drive yesterday at all because they knocked me out for the test.  (Thank God for that!  I am sure I would throw up if they didn't - oh wait - I did do that once!)  I had some lunch since I couldn't eat before the scope and then headed straight to bed.  I woke up again at about 4 and then was back in bed by 5 until 10.  I was back in bed by 11 until this morning.  I did wake up earlier than usual because I had slept so much yesterday.  My ulcer is healed, the only thing left is some irritation where the ulcer was.  I am to stay on the prilosec and the xantac though.  I guess in case I get another one or to prevent another one.  I didn't ask so I am not sure why, I just know to stay on it.  It seems like I take a pharmacy of medicine daily.  However, I have eliminated some medicine so my pharmacy isn't as big as it used to be.  I suppose that is a good thing.

I have no lessons this weekend again.  It seems so weird to have a weekend to myself.  I am meeting with Star on Sunday sometime after church.  I can't wait because we have such a great time together and she has been a bit sad lately.  I hope I can cheer her up a bit.  We will probably go to Barnes and Nobles or Ram's Horn for the afternoon or evening.  We can talk up a storm, she and I.  Kelly won't be able to come with us this time since she is going to be at a family thing this weekend.

I spoke to Kathy today.  I also got to speak to Samantha and Alicia.  They are having a good summer so far and they were trying to help mom paint her toenails.  I laughed at that.  I can only imagine how two 5 year olds can help mom do that.  We were talking about MacGyver and how much we loved that show and Richard Dean Anderson.  He was (and still is!) so hot!  Anyways, we had good giggles talking about the video she and Amy made when we were in college.  It was the greatest moments of MacGyver.  It was a fun video and I laughed when I finally got to see it.  Kathy is hoping to someday take it to a place where they can convert it to a DVD and then she will also make me a copy.  I know we will laugh a lot with that video.  It was really funny then and since we still think he is hot, it will be funny now.  I really hope she does that.  I want to see it again.

Calli and Acer had their lessons today.  I haven't seen them in a few weeks due to illnesses and such but they were here for their lessons.  I have to get out the Over the Rainbow for Calli.  i forgot today.  I also need to get some new music for Natalie this week as well as copy the double trouble song for the 3 of them.  I will type the words for Brianna and put it on the flash drive for her.  Calli will have to braille it out because her notetaker had to be given back this year.  I wish I had enough money to buy her one so she would have it all the time, but they are very expensive and I don't have the money.  She forgot her stylus today so we couldn't braille out the new part to Per La Gloria.  She only had to learn 2 new lines so it isn't too much, but one of the words is really hard.  I think she got it pretty well.  Natalie is finishing up her Italian song so I need to get her another one.  I also need to copy her I'm Gonna Wash that Boy song.  I made her change the words from Man to Boy because she is only 12 and it creeps me out to hear a 12 year old sing man.  I mean, really, she shouldn't be into men, just boys.  She didn't seem to care that I had her change it.

Well, I am almost done reading the Harry Potter series again.  I think by next week I will be finished with it.  Probably by the end of the week, I think.  Then I will need something new to read again.  I have some other trilogies and series I could re-read too so I may just do that.  I might go to the used bookstore and see what they have of the authors that I like.  Either way, I always have something to read.

It is supposed to be the low 80s this weekend.  I am glad for the relief.  It has been super hot already and it is only just beyond the mid of June.  I don't want to think how hot July will be although with the strange weather we have had all winter, July might be colder than June since April was colder than March.  I do live in a weird weather state right now.

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  1. we had one day of summer and now it's 57degrees and raining...I'm sending in to you! So glad your test went well...gets lots of rest..;j