Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday 6/12

Missing was released on DVD today.  I will get it when I go to the store tomorrow.  I also need to pick up a prescription.  It is about $150.  Yes, I said, $150.  It is an asthma medicine. I have 2 others to get filled too.  I so hope they are not that much money.  I will find out tomorrow I suppose.

It has been a strange type day as I had no lessons.  That is unusual for the weekdays, usually it is on Saturday or Sunday when I don't have lessons.  David and one new student that starts next week are the only ones on Tuesdays at this point.  I do hope for a few more by the end of the month.

I had a doctor's appointment with my primary care doctor this afternoon.  I had an EKG, breathing test, and lots of blood test, 3 tubes full, which I suppose isn't the most I have ever had, but still, it is a lot of tubes.  I know have some anxiety medicine since my anxiety has been creeping back up again.  I do not like that so, hopefully this will help.  I have to make sure that Doctor Gradolph gets both the x-rays of my hands and the results of my scope next week.  I can't believe it is next week already.  yuck, it is coming up wayyyyyy to soon for me.  I would postpone it to forever away if I had my way.  I suppose it is the reason why I DON"T get my way.  Anyways, I had the lovely breathing test and much to my surprise (I really WAS surprised), my asthma is not doing as well as I thought.  Yeah, I now have the above mentioned asthma medicine.  I also got my emergency inhaler refilled so I have it incase I have an asthma attack.

I am doing pretty well with eating healthy.  I didn't even have any dessert at the subdivision meeting.  Our subdivision is having a block party next month.  I am to call 10 of our neighbors to let them know and see if they are interested in going.  I will call at the end of the month.  I have until July 15 to call.  I also have to bring 4 tables to the party.  I have lived here since I was a little baby and have never gone to a block party so this is my first one ever.  It should be rather interesting.  I will ride my scooter down for a while.

I have physical therapy again tomorrow.  It shall be interesting!  I am being evaluated to see how I am doing.  I hope I can do some of the exercises I couldn't really do Monday.   Then I have a few lessons.  My little ones are tomorrow, 2 five year olds and 1 seven year old.  They are doing so well and are very cute too.  This is there last week of school so they may have earlier times starting next week for the summer.

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