Saturday, June 2, 2012

June!!!! 6-2

Last night, after teaching, I went to Barnes and Noble to meet up with my friend, Star and a couple of her friends.  It was a lot of fun.  Her friends, Lydia (who is absolutely beautiful) and Veronica were really nice.  The four of us, naturally, closed the store.  After which, Lydia went back to school (she lives at Oakland University) and Veronica, Star, and I went to Ram's Horn restaurant.  Both Veronica and Star were hungry.  We stayed until about 11:30 and then we went home.  I got home about midnight.  I have no lessons today or tomorrow.  I usually have about 1 each day, but this weekend, I have none.  Tomorrow I will be getting up early for church and then I have no idea what I will do.  I am not used to having 2 days in a row without teaching or something to do.

I went to Chipotle for lunch today and got a salad for dinner.  So far, it has been 3 Saturdays since I got mad at myself and starting eating healthy.  I am very happy with that decision I made.  I am feeling better even if I haven't lost too much weight with this yet.  I am hopeful though.

Law and Order SVU is on right now.  It is a marathon as usual since it is a weekend.  There is also a marathon on tomorrow night.

I just downloaded most of the songs we are singing tomorrow.  2 of them only had the lyrics, no music with it so I didn't download those 2.  I am going to go over the music before tomorrow so I am somewhat familiar with the music as I have never song these songs before.  I do know the song we are singing as a choir tomorrow.  We have sung the choir song before.  Tomorrow is also communion.  I am not sure where we are doing communion because last time choir had their communion in the choir room.  I will find out tomorrow.  I saw Carolyn on Thursday after the sub meeting.  She and her sister, Melissa couldn't figure out why I wasn't at choir because normally when I miss, I call to let them now so they won't worry as I know that they do.  Since Barbara Jean knew I would be a the meeting, it wasn't a problem.  Barbara Jean just forgot to let the girls now.  I did tell the choir director about missing.  We use this program called Planning Center Online.  This is how we let the director know what Sundays we will be there or not be there.  Last week was an exception for me as I didn't feel to well so I had to miss church.

My left hand fingers are so sore today.  I am sure it is because I am not taking the Meloxicam now.  I have been with a bit of dizziness from not taking it.  I figure in about a week it should be better.  I have noticed an increase in leg and hip pain at night because of not being about to take the Meloxicam anymore.  I hope that the pain decreases with the physical therapy.  I start the actual therapy on Monday.  I have to see Dr. G this week when I get my protime test.  I am not sure why except for maybe it has been a while since I saw him or he wants to talk about the lovely ulcer.  I am not sure, I just know when I got my protime results last month, the receptionist said he wanted to see me so I will go and see him.  I also have the blood test requests from Dr. A from last week.  That is just way tooooooo many blood tests needed at one time.  Although, it won't be the most I have ever had taken at one time.  When I had my blood clot, the doctor took 12 vials and the Cleveland Clinic too 8 plus 2 blood cultures.  Those really hurt.  When the therapist was testing my strength level, everywhere he touched me hurt really bad.  My legs were swollen as usual so I am not sure if that contributed to the pain or not.  I did have more strength in my legs than the therapist thought I did.  Despite the pain, I do have some strength in my legs.  They are strong, it is the hips and back that causes why I can't stand or walk well.

I think I am going to read for a while.  I am still on Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.  I am at the part where they are going back to Hogwarts' after the Christmas Holiday when Arthur Weasley got attacked by Voldemort's snake.  The movie to number 5 isn't one of my favorites, yet it is still really good.  One of these days I am going to read a book, then watch the movie, then read the next book, watch the next movie until I see them all.  I forgot to do that when I started re-reading the books.  I have 2 new books for when I am finished the Harry Potter books.  Oh, a funny thing happened on the way home from the movie last week.  Hannah was sitting in the back seat right behind me and she noticed that I have almost black hair.  She pointed out that my initials were the same as Harry Potter and we both have green eyes (mine are hazel green) not to mention the black hair like Harry.  We all had a good giggle after that!  Shows how much we love Harry Potter!

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