Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, June 4

Yesterday was a fun day.  I went to church as usual.  After church, I came home for my usual after church nap.  Then I went to get my salad for dinner.  Carolyn came over with a song choice for us to sing at church.  We are going to sing "I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin.  I am going to order the sheet music tomorrow so I can learn it really well.  I am not sure when Carolyn and I are going to sing the song for Lee, our choir director.  So Carolyn and I were chatting away when I got hungry so I asked if she wanted to split the burrito bowl that I had bought earlier in the day.  We split it and had more fun.  Her mother called to invite me to dinner after that and to watch a movie with them so I went.  We watched more of the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman series.  It was a double episode.  It was very good.  The Hubel family is such a nice family.  They live right down the road from me.  Their children are such good kids.  They all get along well too, which is nice to see.  In my house, we three didn't always get along, but mostly (until we were teenagers) my younger brother and I got along really well.  It was just when there were the three of us, we fought.

I had my first day of the actual therapy for physical therapy.  I learned a couple of stretches for my legs that he wants me to do.  I also have about 6 or so exercises to do each day.  I am a bit sore in the legs from the stretches but that is okay, I don't mind.  I also had the electro heat too.  I had these pads attached to my back and then I had to lie down on a heating type pad for about 15 minutes.  It felt nice and I think maybe it helped a bit.  I am planning to sell my elliptical machine and save for a stationary type bike.  I actually rode the bike for 5 minutes!  Without an inhaler needed!  No asthma attack!  I forgot to bring my inhaler with me to therapy.  The Physical Therapist will like me to bring my inhaler incase I do too much and need my inhaler.  It is definitely a good idea, but I hadn't thought about bringing it.  I will on Wednesday. I am tired from the therapy tonight too, but I don't mind that either since it was good to be able some exercises and stretches.  I am planning to head for bed soon too because I am so tired tonight.  I can sleep in tomorrow though so that is great.

Rachel had her lesson this afternoon.  She is in level C in the Alfred Prep books.  She has been playing for almost a year now.  Today, she was a bit silly during flash cards, but since she answered them, I had to kind of chuckle.  Rachel likes to have stuffed animals on the piano when she plays.  Today she had by mini beanie baby on the piano.  The dog jingles when you shake it.  It is a very cute little white dog.  sometimes she will have the musical stuffed animals on the piano, other times the beanie babies.  It is interesting to see what animals she will pick every week.  Isaac had his lesson too.  He is working on "Hedwig's Theme" for piano right now.  I need to copy a couple of songs for him next week.  He has almost sung all the songs in the book we are using right now.  When Isaac turns 12 next year, we will start some of the Italian pieces.

Tomorrow teaching is very very light, I only have Bob and David.  Bob is tomorrow instead of today because I have therapy until the time of his regularly scheduled lesson so we rescheduled to tomorrow.  My little Rahul and Samuel will have their lessons on Friday instead of Tuesday for a bit.  I am not sure for how long, but whatever day works for their mom, works for me.

I am still on Harry Potter number 5.  I am about 3/4 of the way through as of tonight.  I am at the part when Harry is in Dumbledor's office after being caught with the DA group.  These are such good books.  I debated about getting that "50 shades of Grey" book.  All my friends say they are good books, maybe next week.  I do have 2 new books to read when I am finished with the HP series and one of my favorite authors, Phillipa Gregory, has a new book out too.  I noticed that when I went to Barnes and Noble on Friday when I met up with Star.

I hope your day was good too!

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