Monday, June 25, 2012

a funny thing happened at the bookstore yesterday

Well, I met with Star yesterday.  I picked her up and we went to the bookstore together.  We had a nice time chatting together.  We talked a lot about dance.  Both Star and I danced for a very long time.  She through out her childhood and me through out high school and college.  I do miss dance and I would love to dance again, but with my illnesses, there is no way I could ever dance again.  Star also has fibromyalgia and her hips, knees, and feet are messed up from dance.  I can totally sympathize because my hips, knees, and ankles are bad from dance too.  So anyways, Star and I were getting ready to leave because the store was closing and this man walks up to me.  He asks me if I am married.  I said no, then he asked if he could give me his phone number and would I call him?  Oh my, what can I say?  I did say yes, although I don't have any intention of calling him.  I just don't.  I didn't know what to say so I didn't really say anything.  It has been years since I was hit on.  It was such a shock to me.  I was stunned and speechless (I know, speechless, me?)

I got my blood tests results back that Dr. A ordered.  She is my arthritis doctor.  My hemoglobin is very low, much lower than they were in November, which tells her somewhere I am bleeding again.  She is going to have iron studies done.  I have another test I need to do for the tummy doctor so I will do it this week.  I keep forgetting about it.  It just isn't at the top of my mind or list of things to do but I will do them now.

I had a busy morning and early afternoon today.  Isaac had his lesson earlier than usual because his mom had a conflict at his regular time.  Rachel and Brianna had their lessons before I went to physical therapy.  Physical therapy went okay, not great, but okay.  I am happy with how things are going but my physical therapist really isn't since the pain level doesn't seem to go down past a 5.  For me, 5 is a good number.  I usually have pain around a 5 on the scale of 1 to 10.  The pain is better and I keep telling him it is.  At night, when the pain is the worst, it is much better than it used to be.

Well, I am getting a bit tired now.  Time to do a bit of reading before heading to the comfy bed.

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  1. well, how fun, and what a surprise for you! You should call...I'm just sayin'