Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midweek 6-6

What an interesting time at Physical Therapy today.  I did my stretches and my bike riding before I did other exercises.  Some were rather hard.  One of them was especially hard but I hope that tomorrow I will be okay to do it myself.  You sit on a rolling chair and use your heels to move the chair.  I went up and down the row like I was supposed to.  It was a hard one, let me tell you.  I also did some other resistance type of exercises too.  My legs are a bit sore and so are my arms, but it is different kind of pain, from using the muscles instead of the fibro or arthritis pain.  I call this the good kind of pain.  My knee was getting a bit sore from the bike riding but I was able to do 6 minutes.  I was happy about that.  I think on Monday I may go up to 7 or 8 minutes.  I did remember my inhaler but I didn't need it.  I forgot to give the Therapist my emergency info sheet.  I hope I will remember it on Monday.

Tuesday afternoon is when I have my appointment with Dr. G.  I will mention how my anxiety is getting a bit worse these days.  I am not sure why, but I have high anxiety again.  I think I need to have some medicine on hand for when the anxiety gets really bad.  I am hoping that it will go done again like it did a few months ago.  It seems every few months it gets really bad for about a month or so and then it goes down again.  It is back up again.

I had the three little ones' piano lesson today.  All three are doing really well and are almost ready for new books.  Aubrey has 5 songs left in her books and the twins have 3 songs left in their books.  Michelle (their Mom) and I have decided to keep the twins in the prep series for now and perhaps after level D move them to the regular basic series that Aubrey is in.  Aubrey is almost ready for level 2.  I am so pleased about their progress.  It is hard to believe that they actually started only in December.  It is really hard to believe that.  Allison also had her lesson.  She is is auditioning for a play on Saturday.  One of the local theatres are going to do "Spring Awakening" for the summer.  Since Allison knows "Candle on the Water" really well, that is what she is going to sing for her audition.  I asked her not to wait until next week to let me know if she got in or not.  I hope she does well.  Allison wants to be an actress and will be starting to take Theatre Classes in the fall at the local college.

I finally finished Harry Potter number 5 last night.  I started number 6 this morning.  I also did break down and buy the 50 Shades of Grey book 1.  I hope it is good.  My friends who have read it said it was.  Becky read them all and said they were great so I am hoping it is as good as she and others say.

Saturday is grocery shopping day after Brianna's lesson.  Calli is coming with me as usual.  I have to get some milk and a few other things.  I don't have a long list this time, mostly fruit and veggies.  I have enough meat for the month so that is not a problem.  Acer told me that he will come next month because Calli will be out of town and not able to go with me.  I smiled at that.  I will bring him next month while Calli is getting her leader dog.  I can't wait to meet her leader dog.  It is hard to believe that at 12 she is ready for a leader dog, but she is.

Tomorrow is my biggest teaching day.  I have the most lessons on that day.  Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday are my light days.  I only have about 1 lesson on each of those days.

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