Monday, June 11, 2012

physical therapy day 6-11

I had physical therapy today and boy, am I sore!  It is a good sore though compared to regular pain.  I will do my other exercises tomorrow morning and then Wednesday I will have another session at Physical Therapy.  I couldn't do some of the exercises as much as he wanted, but I did do the best that I could.  Some of the exercises were the same as last Wednesday, but that is okay.  I do hope that on Wednesday I will do as much as the therapist wants.  I am getting evaluated again on Wednesday to check my progress.  I just hope I won't still be super sore like I am tonight.

I am really tired tonight, I think from the exercises and getting up super early to visit with Jennie.  Jennie came over and we put my boxes that have been sitting on my dresser for about 4 years back in the closet on the high shelf where they belong.  We then went through about 4 boxes in the spare room.  We found 3 boxes full of cards, photos, invitations, and other things like that.  The pictures were pretty funny or at least the ones for the 80s with big hair.

I am going to read a bit and then I am definitely going to bed early.  I am so tired now.

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