Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grocery Shopping Day 6-9

I picked up Calli about 1 pm today.  We then headed to the grocery store.  We had such a great time, we usually do.  I didn't get as much as usual because I have plenty in my freezer so I didn't need to much.  I did need fruit though so I got strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  Calli really likes strawberries so she had some when we got back to my house.  Calli is so much fun to take grocery shopping.  As usual, we stopped at Subway first for our drinks.  Calli gets really thirsty when we grocery shop.  I do too.  I only had a super sugary cereal so I had to pick up another box without much sugar.  I plan to mix the two together so there will be less sugar.  After we finished grocery shopping, we came back to my house to put the food away.  Calli helps with this two.  She knows where everything goes, mostly.  Calli washed and dried my hair.  She french braided it into 2 french braids.  I will have nice and wavy hair for church tomorrow.  I like my hair wavy after it has been braided the day before.  Calli and I chatted away after that while she played catch with a rice crispie treat.  That was pretty funny.  She caught the treat more often than she missed so she catches rather well.  I don't know who was laughing more, Calli or me.  We had a good time.

Tomorrow I will be getting up rather early.  I also need to get my hands x-rayed sometime in the near future.  I just haven't done it yet.  I actually completely forgot about it.  Whoops!  What was I thinking?  Oh yeah, I wasn't.  Anyways, I will get it done in the next few weeks.

Physical Therapy is going rather well.  I am happy with how I am doing, I just wish I could do a bit more.  Perhaps after the month is up, I will be able to have better endurance.  That is my goal, endurance and strength.

Well, on to reading!  I have to go to bed a bit early tonight because of church tomorrow.

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  1. I love to braid my hair and make it all wavy for the next day, or two. Sounds like Cali is such a great help for you and good company too! Glad PT is going well now go get those hands taken care of...;j