Saturday, August 11, 2012

a lovely afternoon with my girls!!! 8-11

I had such a lovely last couple of days.  Last night, after teaching a few lessons, I was invited to the Hubel's house for a girls night!  We watched "National Treasure 2" and had dinner.  It was wonderful! Then today, I went to the Muglia's house to watch "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief".  Wow, what a wonderful afternoon with my girls!  First last night and then this afternoon.  We are planning to watch a few more movies soon too.  I simply just love spending time both with the Hubel family and the Muglia family.  They are so nice and good friends too.  Tomorrow I have 3 lessons so it will be a good day too so overall, a wonderful weekend.

The new medicine is not working as much as I hoped.  I tried the Cambia on a bad headache sometime this week and it didn't even make a dent in it.  I was rather disappointed but I am hopeful that something is out there that will help.  One day about a week ago, I DID wake up without a headache and boy was I happy!  By the afternoon, well, it was back.  But like Dr. R said, this is the lowest dosage and we have some room to wiggle as she calls it.  I do find that I get a dry mouth so easy with the new medicine.  I drink a lot of water now because of it.  Not that drinking water is bad, it is just unusual for me to drink this much.  I hope that it will help with the weight loss.  I go back and see Dr. R at the end of this month.  I also have to bring the films from the MRIs I had in 2008 when the doctors said I have an anomaly in my head (whatever that is).  She wants to look at them herself.  As she puts, she is anal that way.  I had to smile at that one.  I have a note to bring them with me to the appointment because otherwise I would totally forget!

I received a note from editors and I have been chosen as one of the best 21 Fibromyalgia Blogs for 2012.  I was so excited about this.  I mean, really?  How cool!  Several of the blogs I read also were on the list.  It is a neat thing to be on this list.

Camille had her lesson today.  She is doing so wonderfully.  She has switched to the Snell books.  They are harder than the other books we were using and her hands move everywhere and a lot.  Camille has no problem with that.  I was very pleased with her songs today.  Camille has lessons every other week for an hour.  Her Dad asked about competition today.  I said that I think Camille should go since she plays so well.  We worked on counting in 6/8 today.  She was having a bit of trouble with the new part in her Tarantella song in her lesson book.  I think we have worked it out and she understands now.  It is a new time signature for her.

Choir is not singing in church tomorrow so I can sleep in, which is good because I have a bad headache tonight.  The men in the choir are singing by themselves tomorrow.  It should be awesome.  Apparently, there will be a Sunday when we women from the choir sing by ourselves.  I do like the variety of music we sing.  Sometimes it is a classical choral piece, other times it is a contemporary and we have done several spirituals too.  The choir director, Lee, really likes to change things up.  I like how he does that because it really makes choir interesting.

Well, I am getting tired now so I think it is time for a bit of relaxing reading before bed.

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