Thursday, August 30, 2012

Neurologist Day 8-30

I went to see my new neurologist this afternoon.  I brought my MRI films for her to see.  She looked at the one envelope of films.  She is going to have her assistant get a hold of the reports from the neurology-radiologist to see what he/she thought.  So far, with a quick glance, she doesn't see anything like the anomaly that the doctors were freaking out over in 2008.  I am rather glad about that but oh my,  is all I can say about that.  She also said that she would not have me do any MRIs at this point unless she sees something or if there is something in the report that concerns her.  I told her that I would need to be knocked out totally to get another.  They are just so loud and with the headaches I already have, add that extra noise and I am even in more pain than before.  So far I don't need to have another MRI done so I don't have to worry about whether or not they will knock me out.

Tomorrow is my monthly blood test for my pro-time level.  I don't particularly like getting the blood tests, but they are important.  If my blood gets too thick, then I could get another blood clot (not an event I would ever like to repeat) or if it is too thin, I could bleed to death so it is important that it is checked every month.  Sometimes I have to get it checked every other week depending on how my blood is.

I only ended up with 1 lesson today.  I am not sure what is going on but my 4:30 and 5:00 didn't show again this week.  Then my 6 and 6:30 were also absent.  Their mom did call and they will be here next week.  Then, tomorrow I only have Acer and Calli as Emily and Natalie are absent too so it will be a quiet day.  I plan to do my hair and let it dry naturally.  I want to see how long it will take to dry naturally instead of using a dryer.

I am watching "Without a Trace" and in the episode, the character, Jack's father has Alzheimer's.  He gets very confused, more so than Mom did.  She is still on mind a lot this week.  I think it is because of the family events we have had lately.  I am still sad at times because she is not here but other times I am okay.  I think if I just knew what she wanted me to do now that she isn't here.  I would never talk about it.  I just couldn't because I knew it was coming faster than I wanted it too.  In the TV show, the dad is so much worse off than mom was as far as memory.  Mom didn't remember a lot of things, but she could still recognize me and some of the family.  The dad in the show keeps getting flash backs to earlier times.  Mom never did that, thankfully.  I tried to focus on her in the moment with things like paper for example.  She loved ripping paper so I bought cheap notebooks for her to write on or whatever.  I also had toys she could fiddle around with.  The best toy though was her musical Donald Duck.  She would play with that for hours.  You press his foot and he starts to walk and sing.  Donald is dressed up as a bunny (it was an Easter Gift).  If you hold him up by the ears, he says, "put me down, put me down".  It is just the cutest thing.  All the students seem to like him the best out of all my students.  It does make me smile each time I hear the song or the put me down that he says.

I am working on my fall schedule.  So far there aren't too many changes, just a few.  I am hoping for about 3 to 4 new students.  That would be good and it will completely fill my schedule.  I try not to schedule too many a day because I do get so tired so easily.  I think about 4 or 5 students a day is good for me.

I am going to read for a bit before heading upstairs to bed.  I am getting rather tired now but not tired enough to sleep though.

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