Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday 8-5

Calli has decided to drop piano for now and just keep singing instead.  I think she was a bit nervous to ask me but if this is what she wants, no problem.  She can always pick up piano at a later date.  Calli is going to sing "Over the Rainbow" for the Summer Concert.  Acer will sing "Wade in the Water" and play "Why Am I Blue?" on the piano.  They had make up lessons today since they were out of town on Friday.  Minh had her regularly scheduled lesson.  Sundays go much faster when I have some lessons.  I do have some music I need to put in Finale this week.  I need it before next Sunday when Rick comes back.  It is for the Summer Concert.

Tomorrow, my lovely Rachel will be absent.  She is such a cutie but she will be out of town.  She will be absent next week too.  I will miss the lovely girl until she gets back in town.  I think I have only 1 lesson tomorrow.  Although, I am hoping that perhaps Isaac is back and ready for lessons again.  He has been gone most of July.  It is hard to believe that school will be starting again for the students.  I have bought a few new notebooks for any new students I will hopefully have in the fall.  I have room for a few new students.  I have been working on paying the property taxes this summer.  I try to send in as much as possible, even if it only $25 since they will add up.  I should be able to have them all paid by the deadline.  I am pretty sure about it.

I have missed a lot of the Olympics this time.  I usually watch all the gymnastics.  It is my 2nd favorite sport to watch after Figure Skating.  I forget it is on until I go to bed and then I remember, oh yeah, gymnastics was on or swimming or anything else.  When Mom was here, Olympic time was sacred meaning don't ask for anything while she was watching her Olympics.  I warned Andrew to find another ride to work because Mom was glued to the TV during Olympics time.  he didn't believe and was so upset when he had to take a cab to work.  When we were at competition in February 2010, Mom and Tillie watched a lot of the winter Olympics in the hotel room while I was running around listening to my students.  I still smile of her excitement over the Olympics.  She didn't even care what country would win, it was just athletes doing their best.  Mom really liked the track and field in the summer games.  She used to do the long jump and run when she was a child.  I wish I could have seen that, of course being a daughter, there is no way to see a mother as a child.  Mom also ice skated as a child.  Mom was very into sports unlike me who leans towards the performing arts.

Well, I have to start a new book tonight.  I finished the one I was reading this afternoon before Minh's lesson.  It was a Kristin Hannah book.  Her books are very good and very interesting.  I also have a new book by John Grisham.  I am sure it is as good as his other books.

Here's to a start of another musical week!


  1. Congratulations on being selected as one of the 21 Best Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2012.

    1. thank you!!!! I was so excited about it too!!!!