Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Day Before the Concert 8-18

Today is also Kathy's twins birthday!  Alicia and Samantha are now 6!!!!!!  What a lovely age!  They are such cuties.  Next week is their birthday party with their friends.  This will be the first for them.  I expect they will have a great time.

I am rather lightheaded today but I don't understand why.  It is just one of those type days, I suppose.  I am not sure what is going on but hey, the head isn't so sore today so that is good.  I had a headache when I woke up but now it is almost gone.  This is a first for me, I think.  I am hoping that by tomorrow  the dizziness will be gone.

I waiting for the programs for the concert tomorrow to finish printing.  Natalie drew the picture. She did a very good job as usual.  She is a good artist.  Natalie, Hannah, and Lydia will be taking art together next school year with my friend, Star.  I am excited about them taking art classes.  They are all ready good artists so they can only improve.  Natalie and Hannah want to be animators and Lydia wants to be a Fashion Designer.  Lydia is really good at sewing.  She has several sewing books that she is using for projects.  All 3 are also really good at piano too.  They are among my more advanced students.  The only student more advanced then those 3 is Bob.  He won't be in the concert tomorrow because they have tickets for a baseball game.  This will actually be the 3rd concert he has missed in a row.  He missed Christmas because of working, Spring because of tickets for some event, and now, Summer for the baseball game.  I think I will have to check his schedule before I plan the next concert.  Now, I have to burn the CD for the vocalists.  It makes it much easier for Bill (sound person) if all the songs are on one CD.

I am almost ready for the concert way earlier than the last concert.  It is surprising but a good surprise.  I don't mind these type of surprises though, they are good surprises.

I didn't have any lessons today, just shopping for the concert and the programs for the concert.  It should be a fun recital especially since there is BBQ right after.  I was going to get hamburgers, but I changed my mind and got hot dogs instead.  I do have veggie burgers for my vegetarians.  I am not sure who all is vegetarian, but I am prepared.  I know Rick is but I am not sure who else.

I was reading one of the blogs I normally read and it was about Fibro awareness.  It still amazes me that people don't believe it is real or that we aren't really sick.  Since the release of Lyrica and some of the other new medicines, the awareness of Fibro has also gone up and so has the acceptance of Fibro.  I have been rather lucky as my family has always supported me and never questioned me of whether or not I am really sick or not.  Mom was the best though and Andrew (the little bro) too.  Mom went with me a lot when we were going to doctor after doctor trying to find out what is wrong with me.  She went with me when I went to the Cleveland Clinic when we thought I still had the vasculitis.  It was there that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Of course, the doctor I have now has known all about Fibro for years before I was diagnosed and I could have had some relief much sooner but I stopped complaining to doctors about the pain and fatigue.  I am glad that unlike others, I have had a doctor to work with since day one of the diagnose.  I also am different in the way, I actually like that I don't look sick because I don't want pity.  People only know something is wrong because I use a scooter or a wheelchair for long distances or for when I have to stand for a very long time.  Other than that, only my friends and family know the extent of my illnesses.  I do wish everyone with these invisible illnesses had the support that I have.  Not all of my family is supportive though, just like so many.  One particular person cannot handle how sick I can get.  He doesn't understand the nature of the illnesses or the fatigue and just says I sleep too much.  He doesn't like that at all.  I have just gotten to the point that what other people think (the negative and naysayers type people) doesn't bother me.  i don't really care. The people who are important to me believe me and support me.  I just ignore those who don't, most of the time.  Yes, I do have days where it does bother me but today isn't one of them.

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