Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday 8-14

Not too much happening today other than teaching and of course, Dance Moms since it is Tuesday and both NCIS shows are in re-runs.  I had several more lessons today that I don't usual have because students needed to change their schedule.  I don't mind, I would so much rather to reschedule than cancel.  Aubrey, Jillian, and Brooke had their lessons today instead of tomorrow.  Sammy and Laith had their regular lessons today.  Tomorrow I have to pick up some music for Antoinette.  She is moving up to level 3.  I am pretty happy with how she is doing.

Sunday is the Summer concert.  It will be smaller than usual because it is summer but I don't mind.  It is less that I have to be nervous and anxious about.  We are having a BBQ after the concert.  I like this "end of the summer" party we have and it is a good time with all the students.

Yesterday, my little boys had their lessons.  Rahul has just turned 5 and his older brother, Samuel has just turned 6.  Rahul is in the younger, Little Mozart series while Samuel is in the Prep series which is a step up from Little Mozarts.  Rahul is so funny when he does his work book.  Most of the time he is a little independent guy except when he has to be pretty much glued to my side in order to do his work book.  He will get out his crayons, he will get his stickers, of course, this means he has to stand up on the piano bench and then walk on my legs to get these thing.  I have tried to get them for him but he is independent and get it himself.  How can you not encourage being independent?  He and his brother are doing pretty well.  They are slowly learning notes so that is good.

I also had a lovely surprise yesterday.  Isaac is back for regular lessons.  He had his last lesson at the end of June.  Isaac was at camps, family vacations, more camps, and VBS all during the month of July. I am very happy to see him.  He is a really good singer and coming along pretty well with piano although I would be much happier with his piano progress if he would practice more.

I have to remember to call the neurologist tomorrow.  The new medicine isn't working.  Last night I had a bad headache again (seems to happen way way way too much these days), I tried the Cambia and it didn't work.  The every day headache has also not gone down any with the new every night medicine.  One day a few weeks ago, I did wake up without a headache, but by the end of the day, it hurt again.

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