Sunday, August 19, 2012

Concert Day 8-19

Today was the Summer Concert for the students.  We had 15 numbers with 14 students.  One student, Acer plays piano and sings too so he does 2 songs, one for each instrument.  Calli, Natalie Z, and Camille did the announcing.  They did a good job.  I think in the Christmas Concert I will have 4 announcers.  We had a BBQ after the concert.  It was very good and everything turned out nicely.  It was also Bill's and Breanna's birthday today.  I am glad they spent their birthdays with us.  The cake and cup cakes were really yummy.  I even had a small piece of birthday cake.  It had chocolate mousse in the middle of it.  Yummy.  That is all I can say about that.  I have done so well with eating healthy that I had a small piece and I was satisfied with the small piece whereas before I may not have been but now I am.  I did have a small spoonful of potato salad too although I had a bigger plate full of regular salad.  That was the biggest thing on my plate.  Several families stayed for the BBQ although some didn't.  I knew they wouldn't because they let me know ahead of time.  It was a nice afternoon with the students.  I had a good time.  Now, of course, I have the after the concert headache and my legs ache more from walking a lot.  This too, is not a surprise.  It happens after every concert.  I am used to it by now.  It is kind of weird that I am used to it, but I am.  I know what to expect after the concert.  I also forgot my camera today.  I didn't pull it out last night so I would have it for today.  Woops!  I do hope to remember for the next concert.

Right now is a NCIS marathon on USA channel.  I have seen all of these episodes before but I love the show so I don't mind the re-runs.  There isn't that much on a Sunday night.  Army Wives is on, but I have missed a few episodes so I am not sure what is going on.  I may just buy the season when it is out.  We will have to wait and see.

I teach at 11 am tomorrow.  I have Isaac followed by Rachel, Bob, Sammy, and Rahul as far as I know.  Things can easily change that is for sure so I am very flexible if I can be.  I try to be anyways.  I figure that if I am flexible with them, when I need to change lesson times, then they will be flexible with me.

I am going to read for a bit now before bed.  I am getting up a bit earlier than usual so I am going to go to bed a little earlier than usual.

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  1. Hi Heather, so glad the concert turned out so well..I bet it was really good and the party afterwards was a good reward for a job well done..I wish I had a piece of cake here..I don't need it but now it sounds good..
    Thanks for stopping by so often and leaving me a comment..I am trying harder to blog and comment more often..its been a tough few months but hopefully my mind is beginning to have some creativity again! hugs,