Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Fun Evening with Friends at Barnes and Nobles 4-28

Once again, Kelly Lynn, Star, and I closed the Barnes and Noble.  Star's friend, Chalaine also was there.  What a great night!  I really had a good time chatting and drinking tea with them.  Star brought some homework with her.  She is taking an art class.  She drew quick portraits of the three of us since that is one of her assignments.  I think she is an awesome artist.  I really do!  Anyways, we all met about 6 after we all ate dinner at home.  I did make the mistake of running through the Burger King drive thru before I thought about what I was doing.  Not only did I get a diet coke, but a chicken sandwich (the fried type) and french fries.  Well, while I was at Barnes and Noble, I got a bit of a tummy upset, but now it isn't so bad.  I had a bagel at the store along with a tea and it calmed my stomach right down.  We talked about so many different topics, it is hard to believe that I am about 18 years older than them.  Star has always been an old soul and I think Kelly is the same.  I really liked Star's friend, Chalaine.  She is a really nice young lady who is going to beauty school.  Eventually, she would like to do hair and make up for the movies and theatre.

I am watching Game Plan.  I have seen this one before.  Actually, I have this one on DVD.  Mom and I went to see it when it was in the movie theatre!  We both laughed through the whole thing.  I like this movie a lot.  Speaking of movies, I am planning to take my girls (Muglias) next week to see "Mirror Mirror".  We all want to see it and it looks rather funny.  I am not interested in the other Snow White movie that is coming out, but this one looks good and I think the girls would like it too.  Then we will get something to eat afterwards.  I love spending time with them.  They are such neat girls and fun too.

Tomorrow is a MMA meeting.  It is the end of our fiscal year so Diane wanted to have a meeting to make sure everything is just so.  The general end of the year meeting is after the board meeting.  I think Kelly will be sending students to MMA's competition next year or at least I hope so.  She is teaching at home now.  She was at a studio but really wanted to teach at home instead, which I totally understand.  I do like teaching at home now.  When I was younger, I preferred to teach in the student's home or the store, but now I like teaching at home.  It is so much handier when you need music or CDs or both.  I have some music I need to get ready for next week after the meeting.  I have to burn a few CDs and copy some music for students.

I think I am going to read for a few before heading for bed.  I have to be up early for church tomorrow. I do so love singing in the choir.  I sit on a stool during the singing part of the service because I can't stand very long anymore.  I just can't.

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