Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday 4-11

I am such a silly.  I totally forgot to write down that my 5:30 and 6:00 (3 girls) will be absent today so naturally, I got worried and called.  Fortunately, her mother just giggled a bit about it.  I apologized for interrupting her day since she DID tell me that she was going to be absent.  If I don't write it down, then it doesn't happen, that is just the bottom line and well, I didn't write it down.  I also forgot to copy the music that my lovely Allison needed.  I didn't write that down either.  With brain fog, I must write everything down or I will never remember.  Of course, sometimes I must be prompted to write it down so I remember. Fortunately, I have very understanding students and they do giggle when I forget to go and write stuff down.  I kept a sticky note pad by the piano so I have it to take notes in.

I went down to the secretary of state this morning to renew my license and my tabs.  Ooh, not to self, put new sticker on tomorrow morning before driving!  Anyways, naturally, I missed the deadline as usual, so I had to pay 2 late fees, one for the tabs and the other for the drivers license.  What can I say?  It is done now!  I didn't even have to wait that long.  I think it was about 15 minutes, which for our secretary of state is really unheard of.  It is completely unheard of when you are renewing your license.  The picture will be awful as usual, but as I am not really a photogenic person, I don't particularly care about the picture.

I have cleared my schedule for Monday's scope and recovery.  All students have been accounted for and only one has cancelled for the week so that is a plus!  I am so happy about that.

More randomness:   Apparently yesterday a female sportscaster was covering the Detroit Tigers game when it started to snow.  My friend, Kathy was watching or listening, one of the two, and she said something to the effect of here is something you don't see everyday, snow during the Tigers game.  My friend had to laugh and post this to face book, I had to laugh too.  She must not be from Michigan, many a baseball game has been played with it snowing in April in Michigan.  You can't be totally clear of the possibility of snow until May down here.  I am not sure about up north or in the Upper Peninsula.  I thought it was super funny.

Another fact:   one of my favorite actors, Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, National Treasure, Percy Jackson, Troy, to name a few movies he has been in) dies in a lot of his movies.  I never really noticed until it was pointed out on the Internet.  Anyways, he is in the TV series, Missing, and I guess the beginning episode his car blew up and it was thought he was in it.  Since I have missed this, (I know, horrors!) I think the interviews have all said his character was not in the car when it blew up.  I was meaning to see this since it sounded very interesting, but I have no idea when it is on.  I will be checking it out this week so I hopefully will be able to watch the episodes I have missed online and catch up.  I also really like Ashley Judd and she is the main character. I will let you know if indeed, the character Sean Bean plays actually dies in this show like he did in Game of Thrones (not that I watched that, I found that out from my friend who does watch the show.  I don't have HBO).

Well, that is all the randomness I can think of tonight.  Nothing to interesting in the news today except we are expecting more cold weather for the rest of the week until Sunday which is supposed to be in the 70s.  Welcome to Michigan!

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