Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday 4-25

It was a busy day today.  I had 3 make up lessons.  I don't mind, I would rather that they make up the lesson as oppose to cancel the lesson outright.

I am out of diet coke now here at home.  I am not planning to buy anymore since I am not supposed to have them anymore.  I am trying really hard to give up the diet coke totally.  I forget and that is the problem.  I don't mean to have any, and then I order before I think about not getting it.  I am trying really hard to give it up completely.  I have successfully not had any fried food this week so far.  I am working on eating healthy.  It is something I am going to be working on until I get it right.  I have bought some healthy food like fish and chicken when I shopped last.  I love fish, I just never think about cooking it.  I plan to cook some this week.  I have nice veggies to.  Some of the veggies come in individual packages and I am glad about that.  They cook up nicely and taste yummy.

Law and Order is on right now.  I don't remember this episode, but with episodes over 20 years, it is clear that I have missed many a episode especially in the last few season since I stopped watching them because the little lady would become afraid.

My student, David (24 or so years old) were working on the song, "Friend Like Me" from "Aladdin".  We talked about what we would do if we were given 3 wishes.  We both agreed that it was best not to wish for things.  I would want my mom back but I don't want her back the way she was because she was so ill.  I would want her in her prime, the way she is in Heaven.  We both agreed that sometimes we wish for things and they don't turn out the way we planned.  God is definitely a better guide than we humans are.  I guess that is why He is God and well, I am not.  I am working on giving God my fears and worries but it is hard to do.

My 3 lovely young girls had their lessons this evening.  The 2 youngest ones are just learning a new position today.  They are learning G position with several new notes.  Knowing these two, by next week they will know their new notes pretty well.  Brooke and Jillian are simply wonderful as well as their older sister, Aubrey.  Aubrey is writing her first extra points paragraph, although for her, a few sentences will do.  She is in first grade.  I asked her to pick a composer and write a few sentences about him or her.  She looked pretty excited about it.  I am glad she is excited about this.  I realized on Monday that I owe my Miss Rachel a $10 Toys R Us gift certificate.

I spoke to a former student tonight.  His name is Frank.  He lives in Georgia now.  I miss him.  He is still playing the piano and is also very into composing his own music.  He wanted to become facebook friends with me so I can see his videos and listen to his music.  Frank is a wonderful pianist, simply wonderful.  He also wanted to know if I remembered what he played in Chicago at competition in 2010.  I think I remember the book he was playing out of, but I am not exactly sure.  i hope to find it.  I know I will find the right one because it will be the only one in the book with the measures numbered.  I told him I would look for it.  It was so nice to speak with him again.  I miss him.  He was always a good student and I loved to hear him play.  He was fascinated by how Calli and Acer played piano since they are both blind.  He was having a bit of trouble at home and at school before he moved.  He even quit piano for a few months before they moved.  It was so sad, but it seems he loves it again and that the move was a good thing for the family.  It is hard to believe but he is a junior (10th grade) now.  Wow, how time flies.  I am glad to be facebook friends with him now.  The profile picture is of him playing the piano.

I am getting tired now.  I think I will read for a bit before heading for bed.  I hope I sleep decently tonight.  It wasn't too bad last night although I did wake up as usual a few times.  I find that if I end up on my back, I have to get up and stretch because my left hip and back hurt when I sleep on my back.  If I walk back and forth to the door then get back into bed, it feels much better.

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