Saturday, April 14, 2012

A lovely evening 4-14

What a lovely evening.  I had intended that we would play games but we sat and chatted for several hours instead.  My friend from college, Mani (or Monty as he is also known as) was over for the evening.  It was so nice to see him in person again.  It has been about 8 to 10 years since I have actually seen him in person so I was very excited to see him again.  We are planning to get together again soon.  I don't want to wait 8 to 10 years to see him.  I also haven't seen our friend, Julie from college in about that long too.  I often wonder how she is doing also.  She lives in Indianapolis now.  Since her parents have moved down there, she rarely comes to town.

Today was a good day despite not having the medication.  I was a bit dizzy this afternoon for a while, but now I am not.  I am going to wait and see how I feel in the morning to see if I am able to go to church.  I won't know until tomorrow morning.

Ocean's 13 is on TV right now.  I am not sure if I own this one or not, but it is a good movie.  I enjoyed all the Ocean movies.  I have seen all 3.  They are just fun movies.

Other than church, I don't have any plans tomorrow.  I did purchase the movie "We bought a zoo" and I hope to watch it tomorrow afternoon.  I also need to work on the Double Trouble song for finale.  I should do that tomorrow.  I have to copy some copies of "Supercalifragilistic...".  I guess I do have plans for tomorrow.  I have things that I need to do.  I also need to work on the subdivision newsletter now that we have activities coming up.  I really do like meeting with neighbors once a month to visit and talk about what is going on with the subdivision.  Right now we are working on the annual meeting and the neighborhood summer party.  It will be a huge thing this year.  I am looking forward to it since I don't really know a lot of my neighbors now.  So I guess I should change that first sentence in this paragraph, I have several plans in addition to church tomorrow.  I will be very busy tomorrow.

I finished reading all my Anne of Green Gables books again.  I can't remember how many times I have read them.  I simply adore them.  I am now reading a book by Bertrice Small that I can't remember reading so I have no idea if I have read it or not.  Either way, so far it is a good book.  I have several new  to me books to read after this one.  When I am done with the new to me books, I think I will re-read all the Harry Potter books.  I simply love them too.  I am thinking of getting books 6 & 7 in paperback though because they are so heavy and sometimes they make my hands ache.  I am not sure though because they cost money.  I will have to wait and see.  I am going to read for a while and then head for bed.  Tomorrow morning will come very fast!  I must say though, I love singing in the choir.  It is a lot of fun.  I enjoy the songs we are singing.

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