Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday 4-23

Once again I forgot to call the hospital for physical therapy.  I keep forgetting to do this and have been forgetting for about 3 weeks.  At first it was the getting ready for the scope and now that is totally over so now I need to make sure I call to see how much physical therapy costs and what exactly is covered by Medicare and what isn't.  I do hope most of it is because otherwise, I will not be getting physical therapy as I can't afford to pay it myself.  I hope to remember to do this before lessons tomorrow.

My girls had their lessons today.  Natalie and Hannah have decided on their songs for the concert.  Both, of course, are songs from Harry Potter movies.  This was not a surprise since Natalie and Hannah just love everything about Harry Potter.  Lydia is also playing a Harry Potter song too.  She loves Harry Potter as much as her sisters.  Sarah will be playing a song from her lesson or solo book.  She is very happy with that.  Sarah is so cute.  She was having a bit of problem with one of her songs, but we fixed it and think she understands it now.  I did ask her Mom to add flashcards to her school work so she will do them everyday. The answers are on the back for the lovely young lady.  I am very pleased with how well all four are doing.

Isaac had his lesson today too.  We found out that the day of the concert is the day he will be coming home from a camping trip with the Boy Scouts.  Amy thinks it will work though so I am sure she will figure it out.  Isaac has been working on Hedwig's Theme for piano and Be Kind To Your Parents for vocal.  He is doing very well on Hedwig's Theme especially since that song is harder than where he is in piano.  He is just learning how to do skips in music and this song goes back and forth between treble and bass clef not to mention it is a new hand position which means new notes in the left hand.  He really plays the song well and will be ready for the concert next month.

Selma and I get along so well.  The problem?  We talk TOO MUCH!  I know, can you imagine?  Me?  Talk to much?  Wow, how is that possible.  Anyways, we chatted for a bit and then she played her assignment.  Selma wants to be an actress when she grows up.  She plans to see if she can get some work this summer.  I think she would be very good.  Selma has her headshots already and just needs to write her resume.  Selma is almost done with her first piano book.  She is in the Alfred complete level 1 book.

I am going to read for a bit now.  I hope your day was a good one.

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