Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midweek 4-18

Today is Karlyn's birthday!  Happy birthday Karlyn!  I went to school with her.  I remember when she turned 18.  The days before her birthday she went on and on about how she didn't want he locker decorated.  I was her locker partner.  Peggy, another friend, and I did not decorate our locker before first hour.  When Karlyn came to school and she saw how the locker was plain with no balloons or anything, she was so upset.  What she didn't know is that Peggy and I planned to decorate during first hour so she would see it second hour.  When she came to the locker between classes after first hour.  Karlyn was very happy about that.  We knew she really wanted her locker decorated so we planned to pretend to do what she was saying she wanted.  We knew better.  I wish I have pictures of the locker and us at that age.

I had to call the tummy doctor today to clarify about the new medicine.  I wasn't sure if I was to still take Xantac because I was taking Prilosec in the morning.  That is to help heal the ulcer.  I have to take both medicines, one in the morning, one in the evening.  I will have another scope in a couple of months to see how it is healing.  Since I have never had one before, this is all new to me.  I should find out the results of the biopsy next week.  I do like my tummy doctor.  I often see the physician assistant, whom I like too.  She is very thorough and works closely with the doctor.  I met the doctor when I was in the hospital in 2008.

Breanna and Katie practice with the pianist this afternoon.  Both girls are auditioning for a scholarship on Saturday.  I feel that both are ready.  I hope that they both do very well.  There are two prizes for the scholarship.  The top score gets a $500 and the second place gets $250.  I will know if either of them get a scholarship by Saturday night.  The lady who is playing for them is so nice.  She is in charge of the scholarship.  She played for Rachel and Katie last year.  Rachel won last year.  I stayed in the dining room while Bea practiced with them.  I didn't want to interfere.   Both girls know their songs so that is a good thing.

Antoinette had her lesson tonight.  We are working on her spring concert song.  Well, I didn't realize it was 6 pages long!  I shortened it.  She is playing a song from Tarzan, "You'll Be in Heart".  That is her only piece to practice this week.  Antoinette had a little trouble getting used to the hand position but after playing it a few times, she did really well so I think by the 20th she will be good and ready.  Isaac had his lesson today too.  He and Antoinette graciously changed days for me because of the scope.  I was copying some this for Allison this evening when I ran out of ink!  I knew I should have bought the double package but I didn't.  I will this time.  I used to do that all the time.  Then, when one would empty, I would have one ready to go.  I am going back to that method.  This running out in the middle of copying something needed that day is for the birds.  I do not want this to happen again.

Tomorrow is choir night.  I have Deema and Wama's music ready, thankfully.  I copied those on Tuesday along with Aaiyana's new song.  Aaiyana is quitting.  Next week is her last week.  I am sorry to see her quit but I totally understand about how much it costs to have lessons.  Benjy and Joiene will have their lessons tomorrow too.  They are beginners in the first book so they will not be playing a song from a movie because the songs are too hard.  They haven't learned how to play notes that skip, for example: playing CECE instead of CDCD.  CDCD is step notes while CECE are skipping notes.  They will learn that in the next book.  Despite not practicing they are doing alright.  We do one page a week because they don't practice.  They really can't do much more than that.  We do the note speller and theory books during the lesson so I know it gets done and done properly.  So far, Benjy is still learning his notes and has a few down pat.  I am hoping he knows the rest that he needs to know soon.

I have finished reading the Anne of Green Gables books again.  I simply love those books.  The first and the last are my favorites although I really like them all.  The last book is actually about Anne's daughter, Rilla and her life during World War I.  I can't even imagine what life was like during that time.  Lucy Maud Montgomery died during World War II.  She was so depressed that the world was at war with each other again.  She didn't even write in her journal that she had been writing in since she was a child. I have one volume of her journals.  I also have the book she wrote, "Alpine Climb".  Momma bought them for me for Christmas the year we went to Prince Edward Island.  I had run out of money when we got to Anne's land as they call that area of Prince Edward Island.  I had such a good vacation when we were there.  One of the places we went to was called Woodslee.  This place had miniatures of castles, some we super small and others were 1/10th of the size.  There was even a miniature of the Tower of London.  It was a great vacation.  I have a picture of Mom standing in front of a miniature, but it wouldn't post.

I do hope your day was good!

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