Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday, 4-16

I am not feeling so well tonight.  I didn't go to choir practice because I just don't feel too well.  I am dizzy and all over not feeling good.  My head is a bit more sore than usual, but not unbearable.  I am not sure what is up, but that is okay.  I will just go to bed early and hopefully get some sleep.

Breanna is ill today so she didn't have her lesson.  She got the cold that her nephews had.  Lucky girl.  Apparently, her mother has it too.  Poor kid, I sure hope she feels better soon.  Everyone else had their lessons though.  Benjy and Joiene have picked their songs.  They are playing songs from their books because they are still in the first book so they are not playing songs from movies.

I am hoping that next weekend I will be able to pick up my girls and take them to see "Mirror Mirror".  It looks good and I think they will all like it.  I just have to check and make sure it isn't PG13 or Sarah will not be able to go with us.  I just checked, it is rated PG so little Sarah can go too.

While I was commenting on a post for facebook today, I saw a name from the past.  It was kind of a shock to realize that this person was my friend until about 2004.  She, unfortunately, was the, I am your friend as long as you can do something for my daughter, type friend.  As a teacher, I come across people like that once in a while.  Fortunately, I don't have that bad experience very often.  Most of the people I have become friends with through teaching are true friends and are still friends to this day.  Julie and Ross are perfect examples of this.  I no longer teach any of their children (2 have grown up and Lily is too advanced in piano for me), but we are still good friends.  Sometimes, I am friends with the parents first before they take lessons, this was the case with Heather B-T and her children.  Heather and I were friends first and then I started teaching Calli and Acer.

I ordered a 2 part arrangement of "Double Trouble" along with the CD.  I don't know why I didn't think about this when I realized that the CD is missing.  I am upset with myself over the losing of this CD though but this will be just as cool.  At least the CDs are no longer $80 to $100 each.  They are down to $26 or so.

Laith will be moving into level 2 in a couple of weeks.  He is doing rather well when he doesn't guess his notes.  He plays smoothly when he reads his notes.  His Spring Concert song is coming along very nicely.  By the time the concert arrives, he will be more than ready.  I just hope that Benjy and Joiene will be just as ready.  Wama played all 3 of her pages instead of just playing the first page this week.  I was very pleased.  Deema is doing well with her song too.  I think all the students will be ready for the Spring Concert when it arrives.

I am going to read for a while.  Maggie finished the new book by Kristin Hannah, "Home Front".  She liked it too.  I knew she would.

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