Friday, April 27, 2012

A Sunny Friday, 4-27

Just think, only 3 days left of April.  It is hard to believe.  I think the weather for March switch places with April because we have been colder than usual and in March we were hotter than normal.  The weather in this state is just insane.  I am not sure what summer will bring, but this year the weather has been very unpredictable.  I just hope it isn't super hot.

I only had one student today since Calli and Acer are absent.  Emily is almost finished with her level 1B piano book.  She is doing pretty well.  Emily has a bit of trouble remembering her notes at times but we are working on them.  I figure in about a couple of weeks the lovely young lady will be in level 2.  Laith will be in level 2 in a matter of weeks too.  I have to go and pick up Rahul's book so I will get Laith's and Emily's at the same time.  I seem to going to the music store quite frequently for books for the students.  I don't mind since I would rather be sure that they pick up the right books that they need than get the ones they don't need.  It works much easier this way although once in a while the parents forget to pay me back.  It is annoying when that happens but since it is rare or once in a while, the getting the books is better for them.  Whatever (within reason, of course) the students need, I will get.

I have been re-reading a lot of old books these days.  I finished reading the Anne of Green Gables book about a week or so ago.  I simply love those books.  I am so thankful that mom introduced me to them.  Once I learned how to read (in 3rd grade), I started reading faster and faster so keeping me in new books was rather difficult for the lovely lady.  Mom would take me to the library once a week where I would come home with a pile of books.  I also read most of everything in the school library.  During the summer, Mom, Andrew, and I would ride our bikes to the library.  Mom had put a rack on my bike and I had a bag that went over the rack with two pockets, one on each side of the bike.  I miss riding bikes with mom.  I wouldn't dare get on a bike right now.  Oh my, with my poor balance, can you just imagine?  I shudder to think what would happen.  I am wayyyy to heavy to be riding a bike.

I am reading the Friarsgate series by Bertrice Small.  I like most of her books, some I don't, but mostly I do.  I like her Skye O'Malley Series and her Skye's Legacies books.  She also has a 2 book series of Blaze Wyndham.  Those are good too.  I also really like Catherine Coulter's books too.  Although my absolutely  favorite author is Lucy Maud Montgomery.  I love ALL her books but my favorites are the Anne of Green Gables books.  I love Anne.  She is such a great character.  The scrapes she gets into and how she gets out of them are so interesting.  I think the next favorite is "Blue Castle".  This one is about a young woman who gets told she only has a couple of months to live.  She gets married to a man she barely knows and ends up falling in love with him.  At the end of the book, she goes back to the doctor only to discover that there was another woman with the same name and she was the one who only had a couple of months to live.  It is a beautiful book.  All of L.M. Montgomery books are beautiful.

I am hoping to meet up with Star and Kelly Lynn tomorrow.  I am not sure since I haven't heard from the girls since yesterday and they both weren't sure at that point so I don't know.  It is alright if I don't, I just hope so.

I am so exhausted tonight.  I just came seem to stay totally awake right now.  I am trying to stay awake for another hour before I head to bed.  I just have to, otherwise I will be up around 2 and not be able to sleep until about 5.  If that happens, I will have a hard time being awake tomorrow too.

I have a bad headache now.  I am so sick of being sick.  I think I have said that before, but it is true.  Usually, it isn't a big deal and I can't get through the few hours I am up, but today just isn't that day.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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