Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Fun Sunday 4-22

I went to church this morning and then came home to take a nap before I went to pick up my girls.  I picked up the girls, Sarah, Hannah, Natalie, and Lydia around noonish.  I think I got there about 12:05 or so.  I asked them what type of food they wanted and they picked Mexican so we headed to Chipotle's for lunch.  They were rather full.  As a matter of fact, we had to split up to eat for a bit.  Sarah and I were at one table and Hannah, Natalie, and Lydia at another until the people at the table next to them left so Sarah and I moved to the table right next to them.  After lunch we headed to Baskin Robbins.  I had a small ice cream, oh my, I am so full right now.  Sarah had an ice cream cone that we put in a cup after she ate 1/4 of it.  She was so full!  Lydia, Hannah, and Natalie finished theirs although I noticed that Lydia didn't finish all of hers.  I think she was super full too.  I don't suppose any of us will be having dinner!  I know I won't be.  I am still full!  Although, that isn't unusual for me because I often get super full a while after eating like today.  I ate the same amount I usually do except for the small ice cream.  Anyways, I am getting used to the extra full feeling even though I don't like it.  My stomach IS feeling better with the new added medicine.  However, I have not totally given up the caffeine free diet coke like I should.  Since my stomach is feeling better (except for the annoying extra full feeling) I don't think about it.  Like this morning, I meant to get a tea with my bagel and I forgot and order a pop.  At lunch, I meant to order plain water, nope, I got a pop.  Ugh, I sure hope to get this down pat rather soon.  At least here at home I drink decaffeinated pop but when I was out, it was caffeinated, which is not good.  Overall, it was a good afternoon.  I had to get gas this afternoon so after the ice cream, we went to the gas station before I took them home.  It was sad to take them home but I didn't make plans for us after we ate.  Next time I will.  Maybe we will see a movie or something but I have no idea what is even playing right now.  I do hope Star Wars is coming out soon again.  I know they re-released the first one, which isn't my favorite, but I do hope they do the others because we will definitely see those ones in the movie theatre as soon as they come out.  I think the girls need to see them in the movie theatre.  We will, however, have to forgo the 3D as it makes me ill.  I think all four girls will really enjoy them on the big screen.

I saw a commercial for the Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum.  I am hoping that one of my friends, Star will be interested in seeing it.  They are also showing a movie called, "Titanica".  They are showing the Titanic movie by James Cameron, but I am not interested in seeing the movie.  I saw it once but I don't want to see it again but the other movie sounds much more interesting.  They also have pieces of the ship of itself so that would be rather interesting.  The exhibit will be there until September 30 so that is good, we have plenty of time to go.  I would like to go to the exhibit and see the Titanica movie.  It is a docudrama and is sounds really good.  I think Star will want to go as she is very into the Titanic stuff.  We also want to see the exhibit that has the dresses of Princess Diana.  We are royal watchers, she and I.  I have some stuff that my mother had that I think she will like.  I have duplicates so I don't mind giving her Mom's.  I asked her if she was interested and she was.  She collects thimbles like Mom and I did.  I have many of the same as mom because it didn't occur to me that I should not purchase the exact same ones as she did since I never moved out.  I have a couple of small plates of the Queen Mother that I am going to give her also.  I have the same plates.  We got them in Prince Edward Island at Woodslee.  That was where the replicas of castles and other important places in Great Britain were on display.  They even had a miniature of Shakespeare's house where he was born.  There was a shop named after Charles Dickens's store from one of his books.

I have a regular week coming up.  I have the girls' lessons tomorrow.  They have lessons once a month.  Sarah said she was having a bit of trouble with her songs this time.  It is the first time she has played hands together.  Her sisters wanted to know why she didn't ask them for help.  She said it didn't occur to her.  Well, the lovely young lady now knows that she just needs to ask and her older sisters will gladly help her out.  I told her we would go over it again and not to worry about it.  Sarah seemed relieved.  Poor young lady, being all worried that I would be upset with her.  I am very pleased with her progress as well as the progress of her sisters.  I was worried that only having once a month lessons would be hard on Sarah as she is a beginner but she has adjusted well.  Natalie, Lydia, and Hannah are at the point where their music takes so long to put both hands together that a month is perfect for them.  I was worried about only having once a month lessons at first but after the first two, I quickly came to realize that it was actually better for them since their music is so hard and complicated now.  The one thing I am working on with the girls is keeping an even tempo.  Natalie, as well as the other two, fly through the passages they know well and slow down at the parts that are harder.  It is something that we will be working on for their spring concert songs.  Hannah and Natalie are going to draw the covers of the spring concert program.  I plan to have two sets of covers.  I think it will make it very interesting.  I used to only have the students draw the covers but then I started using clip art but I am back to using students' art again.  I love children's art.  At the store, we always had a contest and the top three program covers were always used.  This is the first time since I lost the store in August of 2008 that I have used children's art.  I love the cartoons and animation that they have come up with.  Hannah is going to draw Disney type characters to represent the Disney movie music that will be played and Natalie will draw the  Harry Potter characters to represent Harry Potter.  Overall, I think it will be good.

Army Wives is on right now.  I really like this show.  I have the first 4 seasons on DVD.  I didn't buy season 5 because I saw them all on TV.  I don't plan to purchase it in the future either since I have already seen them.  Season 6 is on now and I really like it.  Mom liked the first 2 season that she had seen.  I think being an Army family I can relate to some (not all) of what they go through.  Because at the time Mom was in the Army women were not deployed, that part I don't relate too but I can only imagine.  I do know that Mom would be deployed today if she were in her position back then.  I am thankful that she was never deployed when I was young.  It was a fear of mine.  I was so scared that Canada and United States would go to war against each other and we would be put in concentration camps like the Nazi's did.  Fortunately, Mom fixed that fear and explained how that would not happen so I was relieved although when she was away for training or camps I was afraid being far away from her.  Apparently, I cried for her a lot or so I have been told.  I vaguely remember being upset every time she went away.  Sometimes she would be gone for a very long, about 2 months at a time in the summer.  To a small child, 2 months is a lifetime away.  When it was just Mom, after Dad left, Mom would take us with her and we would camp at a nearby campground while she trained during the day.  That was usually a good thing and we enjoyed our time camping.  For such a girly girl that I am, I LOVED camping.  I have no idea why, I just really did.  I always had my dolls and barbies with me too so I had plenty to play with.  We would also swim during the day.  At night we would cook dinner by the campfire before heading off to bed.  I had my own special pillow for camping that Mom made.  It was in the shape of a Panda's head.  Even my barbies had their own camping supplies thanks to Mom.  She made sleeping bags and other camping necessities for them.  She was so creative that way.  Momma even made me a couple of backpacks so I could carry my "babies" easier.  One was for one baby and the other was to carry 2 babies at a time.  I was happy with the backpacks that I wore them out.  I still have my dolls in the attic but the backpacks are long gone.  By the time I put away my dolls, they were worn out and tossed away.  I supposed being used daily for many years wears things out.  I still smile at the memory of Mom showing me how to use my new backpacks.  I have so many memories about things like that.  I remember the first time I had to pick out school clothes from the store.  I had never had store bought school clothes.  You went to the store to buy tights, underwear, and undershirts, but you went to the fabric store to buy the material for the clothes that Mom would make.  I cried and cried and cried.  She was so confused as I had never done that before.  We got home and I was still crying.  She asked me why i was crying and I asked her is she still loved me.  She quickly assured me she did.  I thought because she wasn't making my school clothes that it meant she didn't love me anymore.  Mom explained that she had to work 2 jobs that she didn't have the time to make all my clothes like she did.  We went back to the store the next day and I picked out a few dresses.  Mom did tell me that she would be making my Christmas dress so that calmed me down.  She would still make the special dresses for holidays.  I was in 4th grade the first time I had store bought dresses.  Mom had made everything before that except play clothes.  I sure miss sewing with her.  I haven't been able to sew since she died.  Every time I try, I cry because sewing was our activity although i did sew plenty without her.  I would sew at night Christmas Ornaments and she would sit with me.  I am so glad she taught me how to sew, I am just not sure when I will be able to sew again.

It was a good day.  I hope yours is good too.

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