Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Has Arrived 9-22

It is a beautiful fall day here at the H2 house.  The windows are open letting in the fresh air and things are getting done.  I have finished up my putting together the package for the Fibro Fighters swap.  I am quite excited to mail this to my partner and to see if she likes what I have picked for her.  I hope she does.  I picked everything with careful thought.  I have pick some things that I think should comfort her.  It was so fun picking things out for her.  It was nice to get to know Stacy (my partner) too.  We have so much in common, not just fibro, but we like the same TV shows, like NCIS!  Which, by the way, Tuesday is the season premiere and I am so excited to see it!!!  I am sad that Ziva is leaving because I love that character so much!  We both discussed the show on face book last week when I first saw the season finale from last week.

I do hope tonight is a game of thrones night.  We are on season 2 episodes 9 and 10 and then we are done with season 2.  Will also likes game of thrones.

Will, a friend of Heather and Bill's, who is visiting us for a bit, has brought down a filing cabinet that I will be able to use for office supplies in the music/living room.  It will really help clean up that room a lot.  I have boxes of office supplies that will be able to go into it so that is good.  It will help with the organization of the room and my endless supply of office supply.

It has been a rather quiet day.  Maisy has barked a lot at Will because he is new to her.  She is doing better but she is still rather weary of him.  It will take some time for her to get used to him and not be so afraid.  She has been clinging to mostly Heather BT and a little bit to me.  Will is very nice and he is going to help fix a few things around here right now.  We need the help and I am glad he will be able to help us.

We having hamburgers for dinner tonight.  Bill and Heather BT have a really cool grill that they brought from the old house.  We gave my little grill to Heather BT's brother and he is happy with it.  I like it when Bill grills dinner.

In October, the 13th, I believe, I am going to my cousin, Luana's house for Canadian Thanksgiving.  It will be fun, I think.  Andrew should be there too so that will be good.  Since he is such a busy guy, I only get to see him every so often, usually on a holiday.  We text in between times.

My littlest cousins, Esther and Elizabeth turned 3 and 5 respectively this month.  I can't believe Esther is 3 and Elizabeth!  5 already!  Elizabeth is in senior kindergarten and she loves it.  Esther loves books so I will be getting her books for her birthday.  I won't see either of them until Thanksgiving so that is when they will get their presents.  There was a party yesterday but I was unable to attend.

We have found some interesting stuff in my mom's files.  My mother was what we call a box lady.  She saved everything.  I, too, must confess to being a box lady.  I don't save as much as my mother did, but I did save a lot of stuff.  I am hoping that as time goes on I will be able to let go of some of the stuff.  I am doing pretty well though with what I have gotten rid of or donated.  Some stuff has gone to friends who wanted them, others have gone to donations.  I have some more stuff I need to sell because they are worth some money.

Pain wise, I am doing the usual today.  My headache is only the average headache for me today.  My hands aren't too bad.  My new leggings came in so my hips are nice and toasty warm so they aren't hurting like they did yesterday.  My leggings even have lace at the bottom.  I think they are adorable and they fit nicely so that is the important thing.  I will be warm for winter.  Socks, well, I am having issues finding good socks for me as I have very, very, very swollen feet, legs, and ankles.  There is so much water there that the socks I have leave red marks so I can't wear them but for winter, especially at night, I will need some socks.  I am looking into speciality socks for diabetics to see if that will help.  I don't have diabetes but those socks may help.  I have poor circulation so anything that will help the little chubbed feet is good.  Fortunately, since I have stopped wearing socks, my feet have stopped hurting so much.  They still do sometimes, but very rarely now.  I am glad it is fall as my asthma does much better in this weather.  I can breathe better in the fall.  I saw some really cute decorations and centerpieces at the store today.  I like looking at them but for us, they really aren't practical and right now, I can't really spend the money on them.

Well, it is almost time for dinner.

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