Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The first day of school 9-3

I can't believe it but it is true, today was the first day of school.  Calli is happy with her classes and Acer is happy at his class.  We have a 3rd grader and 7th grader in the house.  They are happy that school has started.  Both kids are at a new school this year so they will be making new friends.  I think both kids are very outgoing and awesome so making friends shouldn't be too hard for them.  Acer is very outgoing and so is Calli.  There was an ice cream social at Acer's school tonight that they all went too.  Acer also likes to go to the high school marching band practice too.  He is a pretty good percussionist and musician all around.  Acer sings and plays the piano too.  There are other instruments that he plays too.  I don't think there is an instrument that Acer hasn't wanted to play that he has met.  He wants to try and play every instrument he can.  I think it is awesome.  Calli also plays piano and sings.  She has a beautiful voice that is 4 octaves, which is very unusual for a child her age.  We discovered her range when she was 12 and started taking voice lessons with me.  She is very happy to be in choir again this year.  I simply adore both children.  They bring such joy and happiness to my life.  The whole family does.  They are such good friends to me and I am sure by now you all know how I feel about Maisy!  Yup!  I love that dog so much!!!!!

I had all my students that I was supposed today.  I was surprised, pleased, but surprised.  Usually, the first week of school, I don't have them all because it is the first week of school.  Sometimes, parents like the first week of school to be empty so they kids can get used to school and homework again.  I don't think Acer or Calli had homework today.  Acer only had a 1/2 day of school while Calli had the full day.  Tomorrow my 3 little Richards' girls will be absent.  They need another week of practice for their lessons so no lessons tomorrow.  Sometimes it just happens that way.

Tonight is a tiring night for us so no Game of Thrones.  It is okay as we have another week to watch it plus Bill brought home the last disc of season 2.  I am glad about that so now we can watch the last 4 episodes without a break.  His library also has season 3.  I hope his library has season 10 for NCIS as I missed most of it.  I also hope they have the last season of NCIS Los Angeles as I missed a lot of that one too.  They are good shows.  I have missed a few Rizolli and Isles but that is okay.  I can catch up on that when they come out on discs too.

My goal for the week is too work on putting the books that I don't want in plastic bags for Bill to take to work for the next library book sale.  I have quite a few, and I mean quite a few.  There are some books that are not going such as anything by LM Montgomery or JK Rowlings or anything about Harry Potter.  I have some really cool books about Harry Potter and the movies that I don't want to give up.  It was funny, the other day I was talking about the bookshelf that is in my room.  Heather B-T was like, what bookshelf.  I said, the one next to the chest of drawers.  She had no idea there was one there. That tells you how much stuff is in my room next to my bed.  I really need to do something with it, I just haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet.

I am getting ready to pull some of the Christmas Music out now since it is almost time to start practicing for the concert for some of the students.  Some of the younger ones and the beginners can wait until later in the fall, but the older ones and the more advanced ones have to start early.  Bob started today with his and Karen picked hers on Saturday.  I have most everything I need for Christmas so I shouldn't have to purchase anything new this year.  I may have to put some stuff in finale to make CDs for the singers but other than that, I should be set to go with music.  Some of the kids have their own books too so that works out really well.  Hannah, Lydia, and Natalie all use Natalie's Christmas book so I don't have to bring one for them, just for Sarah.  I also have to get Sarah her lesson book and her theory book as they can't find the lesson book.  The theory book I knew that I would need to get because everyone has to use their own but I had hoped that they still had the lesson book.  Whoops, oh well, I can easily pick it up.  It isn't a problem.  The problem is just going in to get what I need and coming straight out without other music!  That is the problem.  I tend to start looking at other things and then I want the other things, then I find myself buying other things!  It is not good so it is best if I just run in and run out.  I will do that either tomorrow or Friday depending on what time I get out of bed.  I am really tired tonight so I am not sure what time I will get up.

I am adjusting my nighttime medicines.  The neurologist upped my nighttime headache medicine from 100 to 150.  I also take 20 mg of melatonin and 3 Tylenol PM.  I am going to go down to 2 Tylenol PM because it was really hard to wake up this afternoon when I got up.  Yes, I often sleep late, but this was crazy.  I could have slept for several more hours and that was not normal for me.  I generally have to get up and take some Tylenol in the middle of the night because of pain too.  Ooh, I just remembered, I need to go and get my wrist splints and my walker tomorrow.  I am getting a walker with rollers and a seat so that I will hopefully be able to move from using a scooter to a walker for some of the time.  That is the goal anyways.  I hope so.  I also hope that eventually, I will be able to walk a bit better and for a longer time than I can right now when I lose all the weight.  It is so cool because I don't even think of if I lose all the weight anymore, it is when I lose all the weight.  I just know I will.  I am on a roll and I don't plan to stop.  Yes, I will hit plateaus.  Everyone does but since I don't weigh myself daily or weekly, they won't seem to be so bad I think.  I only get weighed when I have to at the doctors office, otherwise I just go by how my clothes feel.  Right now, they are getting really big and I am happy about that.  I have to stop wearing my favorite purple pajamas now because the pants are really too big. My other two pair aren't as big even though they are the same size because those two pairs have shrunk and the purple pair have not.  I will find out how they fit tonight when I switch to either the red or the green pair.

Well, I think I am heading to bed.  I will play words with friends first and then off to la la land!!!!!

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