Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday 9-8

Today is my Emily's birthday.  She is now 10 years old.  It is hard to believe but she is already.  Emily is a sweet young lady who plays piano and does very well.  She is one of the sweetest girls I know.  Next to Calli, Emily is definitely the sweetest.  I was so excited to see her 2 Fridays ago for her first lesson since she went to Poland for the summer.  I am very blessed because I have the best students.  i really do.  Today is a no lesson day.  Sometimes on Sunday I have a lesson or two but generally, I don't right now.  It is okay, whatever works for the student generally works for me.

I have a pretty busy week this week as far as appointments go.  Tomorrow is just a couple of lessons and that is it but on Tuesday I am having lunch with my cousins, Tilley and Luana, as well as my busy day for lessons.  Wednesday, my friend, Jen is coming over for a lesson and then we are going to lunch.  I have a few lessons on Wednesday too.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my busy days as far as lessons go.  Thursday is my light day too as well as Monday.  Friday is an in between day.  Same with Saturday.

This whole weekend on ABC family channel is a marathon of Harry Potter movies.  I love these movies a lot.  I am sure I have mentioned that before.  My only wish is that my favorite actor was in them.  No, I have no idea what character he should have played as everyone who was in Harry Potter so suited the roles, but still, he is my favorite actor.  Anyways, I turned off number 6 because Acer was down here but I am not sure where he is right now.  He goes to bed rather early so that is okay.  I should be able to watch the 7th movie part 1 tonight or Game of Thrones, depending on what Brandon and Bill wish to watch after both Calli and Acer head for bed.  I plan to get ready for bed early and then watch the movie or tv show depending on what they decide.  I have all the Harry Potter movies on DVD so it isn't horrible if I miss them on TV.

Pain level is normal today but exhaustion level is extremely high.  I woke up at 2:30 pm.  I usually sleep until about 1:30 on days that I don't have to get up at a certain time, but today, I slept until 2:30 and really, I could have slept even longer.  I am just so tired all the time.  I have been getting super bad headaches at bedtime for the last few months.  I am wondering if it is the melatonin.  Tonight I am going to try the Valerian root just to see if it is the melatonin.  I am not sure, I usually have the really bad ones in the middle of the night, but this has been happening way too often.  Just way too often and they are getting worse.  I need to print a new medicine chart out for me for when I go to the doctor but I keep forgetting.  I will remember eventually.  The nighttime or middle of the night headaches are getting so bad that I am afraid that eventually, I will end up in the ER with them and I am really trying to avoid that.  I have been in the ER way too many times in my life that is for sure.  I would like to keep my record going of not needing the ER.  That is what I want.

Star and I are texting back and forth.  I can't believe I waited so long to get texting.  That is just insane that I did.  Now I text all the time and boy is it much easier to do.  When you need to leave a quick message or you just want to say hi or I love you, they are so much more convenient to use than anything else.  Speaking of which, I need to message Andrew shortly.  I have a question for him.  There, I am done.  See what I mean?  Why did I wait so long to join the 21st century as Andrew calls it?  I have no idea but I have joined and that is that.

I finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows.  I cried so much at the end.  I will not read it again nor will I read a book where the dogs die ever again, which yes, means, I will NOT read Old Yeller.  I remember that the dog dies at the end and how sad I was when I read it as a child, to read it now with maisy in my life, nooooooo way.  I can't handle that much sadness.  I just can't.  I am sad enough.  So I have a book by Lois Duncan called "Gallow Hills".  I just got it in my nook library.  I so love my nook so much.  I don't know how many books I have in the library but many of them were free or very low cost.  This was a low cost book.  I have read many of her books as a young teen and I remember I enjoyed them a lot so I am expecting that I will like these ones a lot too.  Tilley and Luana are coming over with boxes on Tuesday to take a lot of my books back home with them since I am getting rid of my paperback books.  I am keeping some books, but not a whole lot of books.  Many of them are going so they would like them.  I said no problem, come and get them.  Both Tilley and Luana read a lot like I do.  I find it much easier to read with my nook as I can change the size of the font if I need to and sometimes when my eyes hurt, I need to, other times, I don't.  I love reading.  I am so glad that Momma taught me how and well, she rather forced me to learn to read since I wasn't learning how in school.  Boy was she mad at that!  Momma was not a happy camper when she found out I really couldn't read.  Of course, now I can read and I read an awful lot so that is all well and good.  Momma did awesome just like she always did.

It is a nice and quiet evening now.  Everyone is home and relaxing.  It is a pick up dinner tonight.  I am not really that hungry so I had instant breakfast while Acer and Calli had burgers.  Of course, now I want a burger because they are having one but I am not really hungry so I will not have one.

Well, it looks like it will be a Game of Throne night tonight so I am headed up to shower now so I am ready to watch the show.  I love this show so much.  I know Star would love it too but she has a rougher time than I do with graphicness.  I wish she would watch this though because it is right up her alley just like mine.

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