Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday 9-1

I went to the Celebration of Maia's life party.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I was nervous.  Danielle was in tears at first, which I expected.  I just tried to comfort her as best as I could.  I stayed for a few hours and then I came home.  I hung out with my younger brother, Andrew and caught up with him.  He is so busy that he doesn't get a lot of days off right now so I have to spend time with him when I can.  He is thinking of buying a house or a townhouse.  I am excited for him.  He is doing really well so I am glad for him.  He has a new friend he is hanging out with but they are just friends right now, they aren't dating.  She is 25 and they have a lot in common.  I hope to meet her if they do start dating.  It was nice to see my uncle and aunt as well as many cousins I haven't seen since my momma's funeral and burial.  It is awful, we see each other after someone dies and not in between.  I mean, where we all get together, not just a few at a time.  Everyone brought food and there were some musician friends there playing some good music.  Some of my cousins and their friends were drunk and I am nervous around people who are drunk so that was partially why I left.  I don't stay long at parties where I have a long drive home because I get so exhausted so easy so I have to leave early.  Nicole and her stepdaughter left earlier than I did, but it was nice to see her.  Andrew is pleased with my weight lose.  Apparently, he was getting very worried about the gaining of the weight when it wouldn't stop no matter what I did.  He did comment on how he is glad I am no longer taking the medicine that causes me to gain weight.  I am glad too.  I hope to be down the rest of the 130 pounds I want to lose by next fall.

Maisy and I are snuggling together today.  She had to be crated and well, she was so thirsty when I let her out.  It didn't even faze her that I had her dinner out for her too.  She kept on drinking and drinking and drinking.  I did take her out and she did her business so she won't be doing any in the house, thankfully, but I was so worried.  I texted both Heather B-T and Bill to ask what I should do since it seemed like she was overheated.  both said she would be okay now that she had some water and that she just needed lots of snuggles so we did lots of snuggling.  I am getting tired so we will be heading upstairs soon to go to bed and she will be snuggling upstairs with me too.

I am going to change my face book picture to Maisy's picture.  Now that I have learned how to get the pictures off of my camera, I have a whole bunch to pick from!  She is such a good girl!  I love that dog!!!

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