Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Favorite Season 9-17

Fall is my favorite season.  No, I am not being sarcastic.  I am being completely serious.  I have always loved fall ever since I was a tiny child.  My mom said I was a better baby in the fall too.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  She said the heat of summer did not suit me at all and as we didn't have a/c as a child, I can only imagine the crying I must have done as a baby.  I know I cried a lot as I have been told by my older brother and it sadly, had been confirmed by my momma.  In my defense, though, she would say I had so many tummy aches that it isn't surprising how much I cried.  Still, I cried an awful lot.  Anyways, I digress.  I love fall.  It is simply a breathtaking season with the changing of the colors and the cooler weather.  It is breathable weather and I ache less in this weather too.  I tend to ache way more in extreme heat and extreme cold so fall and spring are my best seasons with fall being the best.  I do also enjoy the Indian Summer we get in the fall because it is not as hot as summer.

Maisy had a haircut today.  Heather B-T did it.  She looks cute.  It wasn't too bad for the first time.  She really needed a hair cut because the hair over one eye really grows fast and then the little one can't really see, which makes her bark even more.  Now she can see again.  I love that dog.

I have finished printing out the info for competition.  I have passed it out to a few students already.  Nick will get his tonight.  I am also going to give the info to Diana as I think she may enjoy the experience.  It could be fun.  One never knows.

Samantha and I had her lesson today.  We giggle so much during the lesson.  She is my Disney, game of thrones, and my medieval type of stuff pal.  We have much in common.  She loves Disney like I do and she loves game of thrones like I do.  Since I am only on season 2, Sammy likes to know what episode I have just watched and what I thought of it, then we both chat a bit after the lesson about it.  It is a good show.

My back is really sore right now in places.  I am not sure why.  It could just be plain, old Fibro or who knows.  Right where my right kidney is hurts.  I am not sure if it is my back or my kidney that is hurting.  It has hurt in that spot for a while now.  I just don't know since I am worried about my kidney.  I do need to make an appointment for the CT scan of my kidney.  I need it done sometime next week since the appointment is October 7.  I half want and half dread the appointment.  I dread because I am afraid that the mass has grown and I want it over with because I want to know if the mass has grown.  I also want to know what are they going to do about the clear cells on the kidney.  It bothers me that there are clear cells are there.  Clear cells are cancer.  I know that.  I know that the mass hasn't grown much in the last few years but still, cancer has grown.  How fast does this grow?  Is it easy to remove?  What happens if we just leave it?  These are the things that plague my mind.  With the history of cancer in the distance family, I now worry about cancer.  It just adds to the worries on my mind.  I do try to not take the worry back from God, but it is hard to do and I often fail at this.  It is one of my failings that I often fail at.  I am trying to be more faithful with this.  It is something I am working on.  God has been so good to me that I am working on other things to work on.

I have been rather extra exhausted these past few days.  I went to bed at 9 pm last night was in bed, no reading by 9:30 pm.  I just couldn't stay awake last night.  I then woke up from about 4 am to 7 am before I fell back asleep.  I read for a bit at 4:30 and then I just rested after that.  I wasn't really thinking about anything, just resting.  It was nice not to have to much on my mind for a while as my mind often races.  I didn't hear Calli get up but I knew she was up because of what time it was.  She gets up around 7 am to get ready for school.  Acer is up shortly after that.  I was back asleep after they were up.  I got up at about 1 pm this afternoon.  I didn't have a little fuzzy dog in my room this morning because no one left the house without her today.  I usually have her when Heather B-T and Bill are both gone then she comes to my room.  It is kind of neat how our schedules are in the house with Heather B-T.  I get up and that is about when she goes down for her nap.  We are both night owls, although you wouldn't know it by what time I have been going to bed lately.  I have moved my effexor to bedtime since lunch and dinner are so close together.  I have also moved my tramadol to bedtime to for the same reason.  I think this is helping me fall asleep at night and helping me sleep a few hours before I wake up.  I usually start waking up around 2 to 3 am and then wake up every few hours from there until I get up and start my day.

Well, my students, Dan and Mary, should be here any minute now so I am going to get ready for them.

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