Saturday, September 28, 2013

oh my! 9-28

Wow, it has been almost a week since I last posted.  Last night was a fun night with Star, Tasya, and Lydia.  We met up at Barnes and Nobles and had tea, well, I had tea.  I am not sure what all they had but they had some type of drinks and food.  We laughed and had a really good time.  Star and I discovered that Lydia has never seen any of the Harry Potter books!  We were so surprised!  So sometime this fall, we are going to sit down and watch them and not only that, but Calli will be able to watch them too!  Talk about how cool!  I am very excited about that.  I really want to share my love of Harry Potter with her.  We have shared several books together already.  I have read some that she wanted me to read and she has read a few that I wanted her to read.  We both love reading.  I am so glad she loves to read.  Acer is beginning to love to read but he still likes being read to best.  I will admit that I love when he wants me to read to him.  I don't do all the voices like Bill does, but I do okay.  Acer doesn't seem to mind how I read to him.  They both are the light of my life.  They really are.

There was a funny incident tonight in our house.  Calli and I were doing dishes as we always do.  For dinner we had bacon, pancakes, and homemade applesauce (talk about the yummiest ever!).  When Calli went to get the bacon pan to wash, she forgot about the grease in the bottom of it and well, she spilt some on the floor.  Now, normally that wouldn't really be funny because well, it just isn't.  The funny part is, she got some on Maisy, the little dog.  It wasn't hot, it was cold, but Maisy was baconated.  She was not a happy camper that I told Heather BT that she felt really greasy when I was petting her.  Maisy had her bath and did very well with it.  She does well for baths.  She really does.  Now she is downstairs being dried by Heather BT (her mama) and snuggled with.  Maisy doesn't really like being wet.  Not that I blame her, I don't like it either.

I had Maisy for some of the day so off we went to errands.  We went to the bank.  I did a fibro fog thing.  I forgot to make sure that I had all of my cash for the deposit so I was $40 short for the deposit.  At first, I couldn't understand how I counted wrong 4 times.  Well, I didn't.  I just didn't pick up the last $40 off the table before I left.  It isn't a problem.  I will take it in on Monday.  Some days I just wonder about me.

Maisy and I went to get gas after that.  My low gas light didn't come on.  I am not sure at what mileage it should, but it was very low and I thought it should have.  Well, it is full now.  Maisy does so well with the car rides.  We also got soup at Tim Horton's.  I am not sure I liked it.  They seemed to have changed the recipe for the potato bacon soup and it didn't taste as good as it used to.  Maybe I have just had panera's too many times and theirs is fantastic so Tim Horton's isn't so good anymore.  I don't know.  I just know I won't be getting the soup again for a long while.  I do like their muffins a lot especially their chocolate chip muffins.  Maisy likes to sit on my lap when we are sitting in the drive through lanes.  She goes back and forth between her seat and my lap when we are on a trip.  We I am driving, she is in her seat, when I am in a drive through lane, she is in my lap.  She knows what she wants, that is for sure.

I had a couple of lessons today too so that was good.  Then I had to take a nap as I had gotten a really bad headache.  Maisy was with me for part of it and then everyone else came home so she went downstairs to greet them.  I didn't even feel her go.  Maisy likes to greet everyone at the door.  I think she feels it is her duty.

Pain wise, I would say this isn't my best day.  I have had a bad headache this afternoon and while it isn't so bad now, it isn't so good either.  My back is a bit more sore than usual, but I don't know why either.  My right hip seems to dislike me intensely today.  Sometimes it does, other times, it doesn't.  It all depends on it mood or so it seems to me.  I am really hoping that soon I will be feeling better in the early morning enough to go to church.  I have to be at church at 7:30 in the morning and for the longest time, it just hasn't happened.  My head just hurts too much to try to get up.

Well, on to words with friends.

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