Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday and Saturday 9-13 & 9-14


Tonight is a game of thrones night.  We have a skunk somewhere nearby our house because we can smell it in the house.  I sure hope it is gone by morning since I really don't want Maisy or Q having fun with a skunk.  That would be just a mess to clean up.


There seems to be no sign or smell of the skunk from last night so that is awesome.  I am really glad about that.  Skunks may be cute but they sure do smell when they are frightened or in danger.  Yucko on that.  It has been a quiet day mostly as Heather and kids were gone to an activity and Bill at work.  Brandon was here but he is so quiet, you would almost think he is gone so Maisy and I hung out together.  First I had 2 lessons and she sat right near me during the lessons.  She seems to really like music and the lessons as she sits through quite a few when it is just her and I and rarely does she bark during a lesson.  Then Maisy and I took a nap.  I am still quite exhausted today.  I am not sure why, but I really am tired tonight.  We both napped for a while.  She woke up when Heather B-T and kids came home but I slumbered on.  I didn't even really feel her move off the bed.  She loves my fleece blankets on my bed.  She loves to rub her face into the blankets and boy is it cute to watch.  Maisy is a ninja dog too.  Apparently, she got up on the dining room table again today.  This is not being a good girl and the thing is, she KNOWS this!  This is not a secret but she does it anyway!  She knows she is not allowed up on the table but too bad, if no one is looking and a chair is out, up she goes!  Brandon caught her and then she went off the table with her head down.  Heather B-T has caught her too.  I have also but when she did it, I was right next to her.  So we have to all make sure that we push in the dining room chairs so our ninja dog has no way to ninja herself to the table.  Maisy was a good girl when we went to get something to drink.  Generally, in the car, she is a good girl.  She will stay on her side of the car and not come to my lap unless I am ordering something at a drive through.  Then she does until I get my order and then back to the other side she goes.  Overall, she can be a very good girl.  As far as snuggling goes, she is such a good snuggler.  We have a snuggle every night after dinner in the living room.  Right now she is lying down beside me in the dining room as I type.  I had to pause to pet her.  She is looking at the dining room chairs and wanting to get up on one to sit next to me.  I have had to pause a few times to pet her.  Such an easy thing to do.  She is very playful tonight.  I love when she gets so playful.  It is so fun.

There isn't really anything on TV tonight.  I didn't really think so but i checked just in case.  We did watch the last episode of disc 4 so we are on the hold list for disc 5.  I don't mind the wait because it makes the game of thrones stretch out and that is a good thing.  I haven't started the book yet.  I am still finishing a trilogy that I have read before but for some reason, this time it seems harder to stay involved like I was before.  it is really weird because before I liked the story and this time, I am more like ho hum with it.  Strange, I say.  I do have a few new ones in my library that I have gotten either free or really cheap that i am anticipating.  One is about Catherine the great.  I don't know much about her except she is a fascinating character in history.  I also have another book by the author I really like so that will be good too.  I love how I will not, anytime soon, run out of things to read on my nook.  I am a bit behind on my words with friends though.  whoops!  What can I say?  I don't play it at bedtime anymore because it isn't really relaxing.  I do enjoy the game, it is just at night, I wish to be reading as it is more relaxing than thinking words for words with friends.

I have had some pretty bad headaches this last week and I can really feel my hernia in my chest.  It is my stomach pushing through my diaphragm muscle where the esophagus and stomach connect and I really can say it has been rather painful these last few days.  Not painful enough to go to a hospital, just painful.  It is really annoying.  It makes breathing difficult when it is bad, now it is not bad on a continuous motion, just comes and goes when it pleases and that is when it hurts.  Right now it hurts a bit, not as much as earlier so I am hopeful that it is on the way out for hurting.  It would be nice NOT to wake up with it hurting tonight.  I wake up enough in the night, I don't need to wake up anymore.  I have changed when I take my tramadol at night.  I am now taking it at bedtime so that maybe my head won't be so bad when I go to bed.  It gets bad in the middle of the night and drives me crazy.  I want to just sleep without the bad headache!  I know, we all want no pain when we sleep.

I don't particularly have any plans tomorrow except for one lesson with Becca, whom I haven't seen since last year.  I have to look to see what songs I want her to do for competition this year.  I have some ideas for classical but other than that, I am not sure.  I think I may have an idea for inspiration but I don't know if she will like it.  We will try a bunch of things tomorrow to see what she wants.  I believe she is 12 now so no more little kid songs for her.  It is time for her to do a few more grownupish type songs, not completely grown up of course, just a bit more grown up.  I am thinking of a folk song or an English classical piece for classical, a nice hymn for inspirational, and I have no idea for Broadway or pop.  I know that Natalie would like to do a duet with Becca.  Both girls really hit it off last year when they met.  I will have to copy her music for her because my scanner is not working very well so I can't do it here.  Maybe after class we can go to Kinko's and get it done.  We also need to look at Christmas music.  It is the beginning of the busy time of year for me.  I don't mind at all.  I feel like I have been waiting for this all summer to start.  Now it is here.  I also need to type out the info and print it about competition tomorrow.  With everything due much earlier than usual, I need to let the parents know earlier.  I am not sure how turning everything in earlier will make a difference in who can go or not with the fees due the week before Christmas, but I hope it doesn't.  We shall find out, I guess.

I am hoping my Sarah will also be going to competition again this year.  She totally rocked last year and received a 2nd place.  I was thrilled.  Sarah said she wants to do even better this year.  She is such a good piano player.  So far I have Natalie, Becca, Aubrey, Brooke, Jillian, Brooke Ann, Nick, Isabella, and possibly Acer going to competition this year.  I am really happy about that.  We will be playing games in my room at the competition on Saturday night.  I have to pull more music for everyone this week.  Isabella is the first one I see on Monday who is going so I have some ideas for her.  She is interested in the pirates of the Caribbean or lord of the rings or Disney music to play.  We have to choose her classical piece too but that won't be too hard.  I have some ideas about that one too.  Aubrey has picked her classical piece.  Jillian has picked her classical piece and Brooke has picked her championship piece.  As Jillian and Brooke are twins, they are going to be in 2 different categories because I do not want them competition against each other at the age of 6 and it being their first competition ever.  That would just not be good for any of us.  Fortunately, their mom, Michelle, is so supportive of my decisions and totally agrees with me.  It is nice to have parents who support my decisions.  Nick is looking at some pop music.  He knows my guidelines and his mom is in total agreement with them so that is good also.

Well, time for more tea!

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