Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday 9-10

My cousins, Tilley and Luana came over this afternoon and took me to lunch.  They picked up a lot of books that I am getting rid of so they have plenty to read for themselves now.  It was a nice lunch.  I miss having lunch with Maia though.  I even wrote Tilley and Maia at first and had to erase it.  I know it takes a long time to get used to this new life with Maia in Heaven with Momma.  Anyways, it was a nice lunch and we had a nice visit.  I probably won't see them in person until Canadian Thanksgiving, which is in October.  We are having it on the Sunday so that I can come and it leaves the actual holiday for them to be with the significant others family too.  This way they all can spend time with both sides of the family.  I like it when they do that.  It is at Luana's this year.  Last year it was at Danielle's.  I hope my brother, Andrew will be able to attend too.  I only really get to see him at family get togethers. Darrin was teasing us and asking us if we see each other any other time of the year and I had to say, no, because Andrew works a lot and doesn't have scheduled days off.  That is just the type of work he does.  I am not sure about Christmas because it depends on my aunt and my uncle and whether or not they are having Christmas or going to be going somewhere for Christmas.  Last year, I drove to London to see Andrew.  The last few years I have spent it with Kathy and her family at her parents house.  It is nice because other than that, I don't really get to see her since her schedule is so busy with her work plus the kids so I enjoy spending Christmas Eve with her and Christmas Day.  Last year was the first Christmas Day I had spent with Andrew in about 4 years and I did have a good time.  He wasn't feeling so well though, poor guy.  He made an amazing meal though.  Andrew is an awesome cook, and I mean awesome!!!  With everyone here, I am not sure what will happen with Christmas this year.  I will have gifts for the family so I don't know if we will open them Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or around that time.  It is hard to say and something I certainly don't need to worry about at this time, thankfully.

The Rizolli and Isles season finale is on right now.  I am not sure if I will stay awake for the whole thing, but that is okay.  Tomorrow is when Jen is coming over.  We are going to lunch.  I have decided that I want us to go to Chipotle for lunch.  I don't know if Jen has ever been there but I will find out.  I love that place.  We are going to sing a bit first and then to lunch.  Jen is singing at a music meeting on Friday so she wanted to make sure she knew what she was doing.  I have known Jen since the 7th grade.  She was one of the ones who was always nice to me.  I am glad that face book has brought a lot of my school friends and acquaintances back together again.  It is so nice to see them every few months. I think I have more free time during the day than many of them do.  I know my evenings and afternoons are as busy as theirs are.  I teach at 3 tomorrow since Bob needed to change days because he couldn't attend on Monday.  I don't mind.  It works out.  I do have my lovely 3 girls tomorrow night too as well as Elli and Allison.  I have the cutest piece in mind for Allison.  It is from the "I Love You You're Perfect, Now Change".  It is the Bridesmaid song.  It is also the one that Jen is going to sing.  I just think Allison will just love that piece a lot and since she is at that age where friends will start getting married!!!  Well, how could it go wrong?  I think she will have fun with it.

I am hoping tomorrow will be another Game of Thrones night.  I really wanted to see Rizolli and Isles tonight so I didn't ask about it.  I am really enjoying the series a lot.  I plan to read the books too.  I told Hannah about it but I said that the show was not something she could even watch because it was so graphic.  I said that they would like the story but the graphicness would be an issue.  They would not do well with that at all.  I said I haven't read the book so I don't know how it is as far as graphicness goes but I told her I would let her know.

Today is a bad headache type day.  I don't think I need a shot but I have them just in case.  I know that I have a habit of waiting until it is too late but these shots are break through medicine not for everyday.  I have 3 of them right now.  So far, it seems I take about one a month, sometimes 2.  It all depends on how bad the headaches get.

Calli and I banged heads today.  Wow, it hurt but surprisingly, it didn't seem to completely increase the headache since we banged heads on the opposite side of the headache.  I was really happy about that it didn't make the headache worse.  She was standing up and I was bending down and bam!  We banged heads.  She and I did giggle a bit about it later today.

I didn't finish playing words with friends today.  I usually play in the afternoon now and not before bed.  It is more relaxing to read before bed instead of playing that game.  I enjoy the game but it isn't exactly restful and I need to be restful so I can sleep better.  Since sleep is something we don't do well, I am trying to make a more restful routine for bedtime.

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