Saturday, August 3, 2013


I saw Maia for a while this afternoon.  It was only about an hour or so before she had dinner.  The skin cancer has spread even farther down her arm and her back.  It is black and it is so painful for her.  The nurses have sort of bandaged it for her but it is not easy to bandage and they can't use tape because she is allergic to the adhesive.  I was glad that she was a bit more with it today, not as much as she was a couple of days ago, but still better than when I saw her in the hospital 2 weeks ago.  The hospice place seems to have better pain control for her.  She has a pump now but she can't overdo it because it does have a limit to it.  Danielle wasn't there when we were.  Apparently, she is upset with Tilley and some of her family again.  Whatever, this is bringing out the worst in some of my family.  I don't get it, but then, I am not getting in the middle of whatever it is because it isn't my business.

I am watching Legally Blond.  It is such a good movie.  I have it and I have seen it several times but it makes me smile every time.  It is over now and now there is nothing good one.  I have finished the first disc of Game of thrones.  Only 2 episodes were on it.  I was disappointed that there were only 2.  I now need the rest of season 1 or at least the next disc.  Tonight would have been perfect to watch it because the kids are out for the evening visiting a friend.  Oh well, it isn't like I can't see it any other time.  I mean, it has been out for a couple of years now and I could have watched it then.  So far, I like the story and I can tolerate the graphicness.  It hasn't been super violent yet, I shall see how I survive when that comes around.

Tomorrow is an empty day that I need to get a few things done in the music room since I haven't done them yet.  I am not sure what is up for the rest of the house but I need to do a few things and then I can read for a bit tomorrow without feeling that I am not doing what I need to do.  i also have the paper to wrap the Easter stuff in so it can go away.  I know I have said before I need to do it.  The problem is that I totally forget that it needs to be done.

Wednesday is fast approaching.  I plan to take a really long and good shower Tuesday night so I am spiffy clean for the surgery.  I don't know how they do this, but I want to be spiffy clean.  I have to get up when Heather B-T and the kids do on Wednesday so she can take me to the hospital for the procedure.  I am not sure how long it will last or how long I will need to stay but I will find out on Tuesday when the hospital calls to tell me when I need to be there.  I can't have anything to eat or drink except for sips of water 8 hours before the procedure and no sips of water 2 hours before the procedure so basically after midnight on Tuesday, no more food or drink.  This won't be a problem as I don't generally eat or drink after midnight on a regular basis.  I think I am just going in and out in one day but I don't know for sure.  I will find that out on Tuesday too.  I didn't get a whole lot of instructions from the doctor on this one.  Rachel just said that the hospital would let me know.  The anesthesia department wasn't too happy about that bit of info but we dealt just fine with it.  I have to stop coumadin tomorrow and I have stopped aspirin and Motrin (which I don't take anyway) as well as my eye vitamin because it has vitamin E in it.  I stopped that one on Friday when I spoke to the nurse on the phone.  I did try to find out what the name of my blood disorder is from Doctor Gradolph, but the receptionist couldn't find the name of it on my chart so i have to speak with doctor Gradolph myself and I will.  This time though, I will write it down.  I have to have my protime checked on Thursday instead of in a month because of the surgery on Wednesday.  Dr. G wants to see where my blood is and how to get it to theraputic range since it will be 4 days of not taking it.  He is such a good doctor.  He is very helpful and explains things very well to me.  He was also Momma's doctor and he was good to her too. When we became a hospice family, Dr. G asked to stay on as Momma's primary doctor.  I agreed since he knew her and was her doctor for so long.  I called the office and told them when Momma passed away.  I miss her so much.  Tilley and I spoke about her at dinner tonight.  We also spoke about forgiveness, which when it comes to my father, I have trouble with.  Not only because he left us but because of what he did to my mom and my older brother.  I really can't remember him too well and he doesn't really deserve to be remembered all that well since he is a creep and was horrible, but I haven't forgiven him, I don't know if I ever will be able to.  The only good thing out of it was that Momma stayed with us and took care of us.  She kept us together as much as possible.  She was a good Momma.  Yes, she had her faults, we ALL do, but overall, she was a good mom.

I have won a couple of games of words with friends.  It was exciting.  I like the game although I do like winning, it isn't the goal.  Having fun and improving is my goal.  There is one game with one of my friends that we go back and forth of who has the most points.  That is an exciting one because we are so close in points.  You never know when you will get a word that has a ton of points.  That is part of the fun.  You may think it is only a small work and that you will only get a small amount and then, boom, you get tons of points!  You just never know.  I also have finished the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson.  I am reading her "Full Disclosure" book now where some of the O'Malleys show up in.  It is a good book and she has a new one coming out soon.  I just don't know when.  I should check on that again.  I know it is sometime soon.  I also had to get a book that Calli wanted me to read, "Where the Red Fern Grows".  We had the movie.  I am just not sure where it is at this point.  I think it went in the group that went to Bill's library.  If it did, then we can always have him check it out and watch it together.  It is so fun to watch movies with her because she gets so excited about them.  I like that about Calli.  Acer doesn't really like movies or TV because it doesn't excite him to hear it.  Stories from books, yes, but not movies or TV shows.  He loves being read too.   I love it when he asks me to read to him.  It is such a good feeling.  Only a couple of times I was too exhausted to read to him, generally, I will find the energy to read to him.  Calli has a new book that she and Heather B-T will be listening to together.  I am anxious to hear about the book.

I found a neat recipe for baked cauliflower on face book today.  I shared it so that I would have the recipe.  I may try my hand at baking it tomorrow.  Well see who all is home first.  I will need to get the ingredients first as I know we don't have any cauliflower in the house, not fresh anyway and that is what we need.

My back and right leg are a bit sorer than usual today.  I think from the driving to and from Windsor.  Sometimes when I am driving my right leg gets really sore.  I really don't know why, it just does.  I am also getting rather tired but it is almost bedtime so that is normal.  I am surprised that my headache is just the normal headache and not any worse since I did a lot of driving today.  I am hoping for a decent night sleep with only waking up a few times.  That is my hope anyway.

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