Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday and the bad bad headache 8-23

I had such a bad headache earlier.  It was super bad, I found myself telling Acer to quiet down.  Now, seriously, he is an 8 1/2 boy, they don't come with volume control and I am telling him to be quiet?  That means it is time to go to bed for me.  That is what it tells me, so I did.  The headache got worse.  I finally broke down and asked Brandon to give me a shot.  It helped but the headache is getting bad again.  I just remembered I didn't take my dinner time medicine, which includes pain pills.  I have now corrected that.  I took my bedtime ones too because I will be heading to bed early tonight.  Bad headaches wipe me out.  They really do.

Not much happening in the H2 house today since both Heather B-T and I were down with bad headaches.  I did get a bit of a snuggle with Maisy when she came down from Heather B-T's room.  That was good.  She is sitting next to me right now but who knows how long that will last.  She is an on the go girl you know.  Heather B-T is wiped out but is feeling a bit better with her headache.  It is kind of strange that we both were down in one day.  That doesn't usually happen to us.  Usually, it is one or the other, not both.  It isn't a big deal though.

Calli is reading to Acer right now for bedtime.  I love listening to her read to her brother.  It is so heartwarming.  I love when they get along with each other.  I have decided that when I am sick, I want Calli to read to me.  She reads so very well.  It is so sweet and just warms my heart when they are doing something together and getting along without the sibling bickering.  Basically, they were getting along pretty well today, which I totally appreciate.  When I don't feel well, hearing bickering is the last thing I want to hear.  I don't think Brandon likes to hear it either.  In fact, I know he doesn't.  It drives him up the wall as fast as it does everyone else.  Now I totally understand why my mother wouldn't let us fight or bicker.  It is awful to hear.  I love when they get along and are sweet and kind to each other. Then it is pleasant to be around them and I must say, generally they do get along.  It is not very often I hear the bickering, thankfully.

Acer was so excited today to use my speaker set for his ipod.  I let him use it.  I need to get some more music on my itunes library so I can have it on my ipod.  I also need to figure out where my ipod plugs in in my car.  I know it is somewhere in the glove box.  I am not too worried about it though.

I am so pleased with myself this month because I almost have all the money to pay my part of the hearing aids.  I only need a bit more and then I have it all.  Thank goodness for that.  It is one more thing less to pay.  I, of course, had shuffled around some of the medical bills so I will be paying double on some of them next month, but that is what I needed to do to get the money for the hearing aids.  I have the appointment on September 27.  I am nervous about it.  I really am.  What if they cause more headaches because things will be louder?  I just don't know but I have to try because my hearing IS becoming an issue during lessons at times.  It is annoying at other times too.  Sometimes it comes in handy though, when I don't want to totally pay attention to what someone is saying but that is rare.  Usually it was when my brothers were yelling at me from another room and I really couldn't hear what they were saying anyways.  Momma always said to ignore them since she knew I really couldn't hear them and then they would come to me to talk to me directly.  Of course, they always began with, did you hear me call you?  Uh, not really, cause I couldn't tell who they were calling.  I always guessed it was me but I was never sure, which is why momma said to ignore them.  Andrew got better at it but Richard never remembered.  One time, we went to Christmas at Richard's in Cleveland and Momma told me to bring a book to read.  I was stunned because that was not normally what she would tell me to do.  If anything, it was, leave the book at home.  I brought it with me.  We drove down Christmas Eve and stayed at a hotel that night.  We had Christmas Day at Richards and then left late Christmas Day.  Anyways, Richard had bought momma the Christmas Carol Movie and we all sat down to watch it during my niece, Abigail's nap.  Richard kept moving the volume up and down so basically, I heard absolutely nothing and it was giving me a headache.  I finally looked at mom and said I can't hear anything.  She said go read.  Richard was upset but momma said she would watch it with me when we got home and that because of my hearing issues, I really couldn't hear anything that had been said.  He was like, oh.  He couldn't have it too loud because Abby was sleeping and Momma said she understood but that I just couldn't hear so let me read.  I also took a really long nap in the afternoon.  This was prior to knowing I had fibro but I did have it at the time.  This was right after I had been close to bed ridden.  It was thanks to Momma that I was not.  She devised a plan to get me moving and in less pain at times.  She encouraged me to nap when I needed too whereas my brothers were always like why do you sleep so much.  Momma would answer, because she is in pain and leave her be.  That was just my mother.  We had a good Christmas and I got to spend it with Abigail.  I miss my niece and nephew a lot.  I also miss my older brother but he has chosen to cut himself off from me and Andrew.  I will at least see Andrew on the 1st of September.  That will be good.  I haven't actually seen him since Christmas.  I have texted him and emailed him but I haven't physically seen him since then.  Wow, that is a long time.  I just realized that.  He is very busy with working.  I don't know if he is working 1 or 2 jobs at this point or not.  It is hard to say with him.  Andrew is very busy all the time.

Q has been trying to get Maisy's Blue bone all evening.  He got it twice.  He was a sad dog to have to give it up since it is not his.  The majority of the toys are Q's.  Maisy has a few, but she doesn't play with them much.  The blue bone has a treat inside, which is why Q wants it.  Maisy is allowed treats but Q is not.  I think Calli said she can give Q a treat like 2 times a year but he does get toys a lot so he really doesn't miss out because he doesn't get food treats like Maisy.  Maisy doesn't get toys like Q does.  I never really realized how awesome dogs were until these two moved in.  I know I tease Calli alot with saying I love Maisy more, but Q is such a good dog and he is so beautiful.  It pains me to admit, he behaves better than Maisy.  She is not always a well behaved dog.

Maisy just came back down the stairs.  She is back next to me for a few minutes.  We played for a few minutes before she heads to where ever she wants to go.  Q is up with Calli now.

Well, I am going to watch a bit of TV and play words with friends now.  I just hope my headache doesn't get bad again like earlier.  I am all out of my break through meds.

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